10 Things To Know When Getting A Federal Firearms License

When you are getting a Federal Firearms License(FFL), you need to know the qualifying and disqualifying factors. Knowing the requirements before you begin can save you a lot of headache later on. Some of the factors you need to consider in order to be successful with your Federal Firearms License(FFL) application the first time are:

  • You should be 21 or older.
  • Have not been convicted of a felony that could have given you a sentence of more than 1 year in prison, no matter how much time you actually served.
  • Have no restraining orders to protect a significant other or their child from bodily injury.
  • Have had no part in domestic violence.
  • Have not been prohibited from possession of, or transporting, shipping, or receiving guns or ammo.
  • Have not been declared incompetent or mentally ill at any time.
  • You have no violations of the Gun Control Act.
  • The location where you plan to operate your firearms business cannot be prohibited by state or local law.
  • Gun storage areas must be safe and secured.
  • You must have sent a letter of your business intent to CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) for your location.
  • You cannot conduct business under your FFL until all state and local requirements for your location have been met.

Answer all questions on the application completely and honestly. Anything less will lengthen the process, and can stop you from getting a Federal Firearms License at all if you are caught in a blatant lie.

You cannot get a Federal Firearms License just to add to your personal gun collection. It must be your intention to sell firearms. This can be part time, and even be conducted out of your home as long as that doesn’t violate any local laws or statutes.

You will fill out four applications; one for your own records, two for the BATF, and one for your CLEO.

Your mailed application has to be accompanied by two passport photos with your name on the back of each, your fingerprints, and the total of fees for all licenses you are applying for. If your application is denied, your money will be returned.

You can hold more than one license at your business, but if you are going to have multiple business places you must apply separately for each location. The license is not transferable between locations.

Once you have everything in order and mail your application in with all its components, be prepared for a wait of at least six weeks before you hear back from the ATF.

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