10 Ways How To Catch Bigger Bass – Be Smarter

You have to resort to some clever tricks yourself if you are hoping to catch the bigger 5-6 pounders more wily bass that you know are hiding in the lake. Try to think like them and also employ some of the tricks listed below to outsmart them.


1) If fishing at night use big swim bait or ten to twelve inch worms. Maybe you will not get any bites or you if you lucky you hit the jackpot.

2) Plastic baits like Lizzard or Senko are known to produce great results.

3) You should use a heavier rod and a round reel with at least 50# monofilament line. If a big bass strikes you will have a great fight on your hands. You will appreciate the heavier tackle because you will be glad for all the help you can get.


4) Concentrate on fishing in deeper waters especially where deep cannels or holes have formed because that’s where the lunkers like to hang out. Use a depth finder to locate these places or you if you don’t have any electronics use a jig to find the deeper water. If the lake is your favourite fishing spot and you fish there often then it will be worth your while to take soundings by using a long enough length of thin weighted line.

Tie a knot every 5 or 10 foot and then do a rough survey from your boat recording depths and their position of the lake floor. Use a hand held GPS remote to find these positions. Plot this information on some graph paper and you will end up with your own personal depth chart that will give you a good idea of the shape of the lake floor, enabling you to work out a strategy of stealth fishing.


5) In the deeper spots try spots to find out what the bottom is made up of. Clean grass and mulched leaves create a good healthy aerated bottom which the big bass love.

6) Do not bother to fish in algae covered soft mushy bottoms.

7) Other good spots to look out for are where streams enter the lake. It is here where deeper holes are often formed that the bass love to hang out in.

8) A great favourite with successful big bass fishermen who prefer fishing with jigs, is using Rage craw or Rage chunk as the trailer. According to them big bass cannot resist this setup. If you crave for more exciting top water action then the – 3:16 no bull frog – is well worth casting around.


9) When fishing in steep sided pit lakes that have very clear water aim for the deeper weed beds that are far away from the shore. Stealth fishing using a boat with an electric trolling motor will definitely help you gain the upper hand. The big bass in these lakes a are very aware of what is happening around them so you can be sure that they know you are coming. You have to blend in and try to become part of the environment to have any success catching these clever customers. Your prey may well be hiding in isolated structures so always approach them silently.

10) Try to catch big bass in low light or at night when they are roaming about looking for prey. This is when they are hungry and less weary giving you a better chance to hook one.

Somewhere out there is a big bass with your name on it so persevere and that lucky day will arrive a lot sooner than you think.

I wish you -Tight lines.

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