2008 Bear Truth 2 Compound Bow – Bear Archery And Team Primos Have Done It Again!

In 2007 Bear Archery and Team Primos had come together for the first time to create a bow that was sure to turn heads. The new Truth had a new design which featured a parallel limb design with split limbs, an axle to axle length of 33″; a modest brace height of 7″, 8 factory installed vibration dampeners, elliptical perimeter weighted single cam system and shot a whopping 314 fps. Not only was this a bow comparable to any on the market but left them all in the dust when it came to price. A person could pick up the new compound bow for a retail price of $550.00.

So how does the Truth 2 match up? Side by side the typical specs will not show much of a difference for example; like the original the Truth 2 is 33″ axle to axle, has a 7″ brace height, but is a little lighter weighing 3.9 lbs vs. 4.2 lbs and it does shoot a little faster shooting 318 fps vs. 314 fps. The real changes come in the overall design of the bow. These changes not only effect the new Truth 2 but also new 2008 models including: Done Deal, Game Over and Lights Out.

The most visible changes include:

  1. Flare Quad Limb design using FEA (finite element analysis) they have evenly distributed the stress on the limbs during draw and release of the bow this even stress proves to result in a smoother release and a more even and efficient energy transfer to the arrow and maximizes the reduction of vibration and noise.
  2. Arc String Suppressors were added to both ends of the bow to again maximize the reduction of vibration and noise of the string on release.
  3. A new synthetic grip which improves comfort and displays a large Bear Archery logo.
  4. The new Truth 2 also features a new Perimeter-Weighted Modular Cam System.
  5. Axle-Mounted Weighted Dampeners.

Overall without having shot the bow we are seeing some very positive changes in the new designed Truth as well as the rest of the Bear Archery 2008 compound bow lineup. Though we haven’t seen any prices on the new bows it looks to be another great year for Bear Archery and you will soon see them at your favorite archery website or pro shop.

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