2010 Compound Bow Ratings

Rating compound bows is always a subjective task, never free of the raters prejudice, and sure to spark arguments. Nevertheless, since half of 2010 has gone and numerous new bows have been sold I will give my ratings of the top three bows of 2010. My ratings are based on my own experience, customer feedback, and what I find on the archery forums I visit . The sole criteria is buyer satisfaction, that is how well does the compound bow model in question meet and exceed its owners expectations.

Number three on my list of best bows of 2010 is a tie so maybe my list is really four bows. The tie goes to the Hoyt Maxxis and Carbon Matrix. The Carbon Matrix would be third or higher on my list except that most archers just can not swallow the 1600 dollar price tag. For that kind of money you can buy one each of the number one and two bows on this list. Even at that price Hoyt has had no problem selling their limited production. The Maxxis 35 is is the machined riser version of the Matrix and the Maxxis 31 is the shorter hunting bow. I am including both under the Maxxis title. Maxxis bows have been selling well everywhere. Archers love their balance, smooth draw, and shock free release. While every bow company sometimes produces a lemon, Maxxis and Carbon Matrix bows have been bug free with no recurring problems reported.

Number two is the Bowtech Destroyer. The Destroyer comes in two models, the Destroyer 340 and Destroyer 350. They are identical except the 340 has a one inch higher brace height. I will include both under the Destroyer name for this review. For the Destroyer Bowtech went all out to address some of the recurring bugs from previous model bows. A new limb was designed with a stiff tip to reduce cam lean and the binary cams are slaved together with an outside the limb yoke system which allows more cam lean tuning. The cable guard is a heavy duty flat spring with rollers on the end to contain the cables. The guard flexes inward under the tension of the draw and then springs outwards at the shot to pull the cables clear of the arrow. This greatly reduces the torque in the bow from that produced by traditional cable guards. The Destroyer is a also very fast bow, up to 350 feet per second IBO rating, a speed which very few bows can top. Destroyers have been selling as fast as Bowtech can produce them. Archers rave about the speed, smooth draw, and tuning ease. like the Hoyts the Destroyer has been bug free and no common problems have been reported.

Number one is the Mathews Z7 compound bow. With the Z7 Mathews has hit the sweet spot for many archers. The Z7 has the smoothness of draw, mass weight, balance, size, speed, and appearance that many archers crave. What could be more proof of this then with the main bow selling season not yet arrived, Mathews has already reported the Z7 as their number one selling bow of all time! (dollar wise)

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