4 Types Of Fishing Nets You Should Go For

Whether you fish for fun or professionally you need a fishing net. There are many types of these nets that you can go for. The most common are:

Landing nets

Landing nets resemble basketball hoop nets, but they are closed on one end. They feature short handles and are made from a wide range of materials such as wool and nylon. Due to their size, you are limited on how you can use them. The only way of using the nets is using them to hold your catch securely while you are removing the hook before you release the fish or transfer it to the chest or storage bucket.

Dip net

It’s said to be a larger version of a landing net. It features a long handle and the net opening is often larger. They are made from a wide range of materials such as knotless nylon and aluminum. You only need to choose the one you want depending on the fish you are looking to catch and the fishing environment. This type of net is ideal when you are looking to catch fish swimming close to the water surface.

Cast net

A cast net resembles a circular nylon mesh with reinforced edges and attached weights. You should cast the unit and it will expand to its full circumference. As it sinks to the bottom of the water body, it traps marine life. When the net reaches the bottom you should haul it on board and separate the fish that you want from those that you don’t.


Trawls are attached to trawlers and act like a scoop where they gently extend behind the boat towing it. As the net expands, it scoops up the fish. When it fills up you should reel it back on board. This net is often used in commercial fishing where the net is trawled by two boats. Experts recommend this type of fishing in areas where you are looking to reduce a large population of undesired fish. While the method of fishing is highly effective, it’s often associated with the destruction of coral reefs.


These are the different types of fishing nets that you can go for. When buying them, pay attention to their sizes, material they are made from, and their ease of use. As rule of thumb, you should buy a high-quality product. For it to last for a long time, take good care of it.

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