5 Easy Steps to Create a Homemade Deer Hunting Video

If you were to scour the internet, you would find hundreds of videos for hunting, specifically for deer. However, if you enjoy hunting and you are confident in the various steps to get a trophy deer, why not make your own deer hunting video. All it takes is a little know how and the right equipment. The information in this article will help you achieve success in producing a high quality and informative video that could benefit other hunting enthusiasts.

Hunting Knowledge

Obviously, you need solid deer hunting experience. After all, the video will walk viewers through different phases of getting a trophy deer. For this reason, you need to know about pre-season scouting, scent blockers, proper clothing/boots, tree stands, bows, rifles, muzzleloaders, ammunition, guided outfitters, food, etc. The more information you can provide the viewer the more valuable your video will be.

Choosing the Right Equipment

With today’s electronics, creating the perfect deer hunting video has never been easier and more affordable. Of course, the key is to make a realistic video that would help viewers feel as if they are right there on the hunt. You want to use the best video equipment you can afford so you have clarity, quality, and special features. For this, choose a digital recorder capable of capturing MiniDV, HDV, and Digital 8.

Additionally, the video recorder you choose should be designed to connect to the computer so video could be downloaded and edited. While in the filming process, be sure you have what you need to keep the lens cleaned often so the clarity of the video is always perfect.

The Editing Process

Another key element to creating your own hunting videos is to possess excellent editing skills. While you could certainly hire this function out, being able to create a video from the beginning to end is gratifying. For this, choose a top editing program that would run on the computer.

You might try programs built into your existing computer such as Windows MovieMaker but chances are you would have more success by purchasing a special editing program. We suggest you choose a robust program that allows you to add special effects, fade-ins and outs, titles, music and other things to ensure the video is professional when put on the market to sell.

Deer Hunting Video Upload

You also need to have the capability of uploading your deer hunting video in a compressed format. We recommend Riva FLV Encoder, which works with various file extensions such as WPV, AVI, and MPEG. The uploading process is important in that it takes the edited video and allows you to put the file in a finished format.

Video Layout

A great deer hunting video would also be planned and organized properly. You do not want the viewer to walk away feeling overwhelmed or confused but instead, filled with new knowledge. Therefore, create a video in chronological order that is broken down by categories. With this, your viewers would be able to follow along without any problem.

One consideration would be to create several videos. For instance, you could start with video number one that addresses clothing, boots, weaponry and other things the hunter needs before getting started. A second video could cover scouting tactics, regulations, finding private land and so on. Then in the third video, you would actually be on a deer hunt, showing the viewer steps to take, the kill shot and field dressing.

Once you have one or several well made videos, you must make the video easy to find. This includes gaining internet presence through a great website that provides outstanding content. For this, you should consider paying to have a site created unless you know how to make a professional site. The designer would design and launch the site, which includes submitting it to appropriate search engines so people know it exists and can easily find the new video made.

Finally, never be afraid to show personality and use humor in your video. A great way to accomplish this is by creating a deer hunting video with a friend so there is some banter going on. By making the hunting video personal helps attract a broader audience while making the video far more fun and exciting to watch, not boring and bland.

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