5 Reasons The Ruger Max-9 Is The Best Concealed Carry Gun Ruger Makes

Ruger Max-9 Review

Ruger makes many guns, so it says a lot when I say the Max-9 is the best gun they make. My first concealed carry gun was the Ruger SR-9c. It held ten rounds with a flush magazine and 17 rounds with an extended magazine in a small package.

However, If the Ruger Sr9c came out today, we’d call it a full-size gun compared to the spade of micro-compact guns that have hit the market.

Now we have the Ruger Max-9. I believe the Ruger Max-9 is the best concealed carry handgun Ruger makes, and here are the 5 reasons why in my Ruger Max-9 Review.

At $500, the Max-9 is far from being the cheapest carry gun Ruger makes, but it is consistently one of the most affordable full fire-powered micro-compact guns on the market.

Unless we’re talking about concealed carry, I typically want a bigger gun. Generally speaking, bigger guns shoot better than smaller guns, but size is a balancing act in the case of concealed carry.

You want a gun small enough to hide easily, but not so small you hate shooting the gun.

The Max-9 has a 3.2-inch barrel, with a slide width of .0.95″, an overall height of 4.52 inches, and an overall length of 6 inches.

The Ruger Max-9 has a flushed magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and an extended capacity of 12 rounds and the extended magazine doesn’t add that much length to the grip.

There other guns that are close to the same size as the Ruger max-9 that have an even higher capacity but they tend to be more expensive.

We truly live in the golden age of Micro-sized handguns with big boy firepower, and I love it.

Every time I shoot this gun, I am consistently blown away by how fast this gun shoots. A lot of it has to do with the trigger. I think this is the best trigger Ruger has put in a gun.

It’s smooth, clean, has a definable wall, and breaks neatly. This in turn means shooting this gun fast is easy.

In your hand, the Max 9 feels like a small gun, but the gun seemingly becomes bigger once you start shooting it.

It’s not the softest shooting micro-compact gun, but the way it shoots is really enjoyable.

It has a natural point, unlike some of the other guns in its class that may recoil ever so slightly less, but their grip angle doesn’t really make for a natural point of aim.

Last but not least, the reason I believe Ruger Max 9 is the best concealed carry handgun they’ve ever made is the features.

For a gun that is just under $500 when gun prices are inflated, the number of features the Ruger Max-9 comes with is insane.

The most prominent feature is that the Max-9 is optics ready.

If you’re new to the gun space, this may seem like no big deal, but if you’ve been in the gun space for a while, you remember the days when you had to pay hundreds of dollars to get someone to cut your slide for a red dot.

The Max-9 comes optic ready. It also has Tritium fiber optic daynight front sights, which in the aftermarket would be hundreds of dollars. It has a cold hammer-forged barrel, which, if you know anything about cold-hammer-forged barrels and the type of accuracy you get with them, is a big deal.

It has a frame-mounted safety if you want it, and if you don’t, they have versions that come without it.

It also has a reversible magazine release which essentially makes this gun ambidextrous. These are the type of features you get on guns at much higher price points, and here they are on a gun that comes in at less than $500, which by today’s standards is low.

I envy the people who are just now getting into guns. I remember when a micro-sized gun was a Glock 26, and as much as I love the Glock 26, we all know that it was a little fat.

Today, there are some great full firepower micro-sized guns on the market, and to me, The Ruger Max-9 is not only the best concealed carry gun Ruger makes but one of the best bang for your buck micro compact-sized guns on the market.

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