5 Tips You Should Know For Early Season Deer Hunting

To the deer hunters, summer is the early season for hunting deer. Late Fall is generally considered to be the deer hunting season. But early season deer hunting is lot more challenging and exciting, as it is really difficult to search for the deer under the bright, red sun. You may consider the following tips to become successful for early season deer hunting related trips.

1. First of all, you should take proper measures to tackle the heat and humid weather when you opt for early season deer hunting. If you are not comfortable, then you may lose the patience and even get sick in extreme temperatures. You must take adequate precautions so that you can fight with the unfriendly climate while you look for deer.

2. Beware of insects, when you go for hunting in early season. These little creatures will keep on disturbing you, and you might feel frustrated while you continue searching for your shoot. Not only that, some of the bugs could be poisonous to your health. So you should wear either bug-proof attire or use insect repellent in sufficient amounts.

3. Summer is the time when the deer normally come out of the forest to feed themselves in food plots. If you are new to the area, ask around for local people who can guide you in the most popular food plots. For even in the woods, you might search for deer around certain trees, whose fruits get ripened in the summer, such as wild berries, oak acorns etc.

4. Another important destination for the deer during the summer is the places near the sources of water. It is very natural that deer will get thirsty and prefer to graze near bodies of water – inside or near the woods. However, you should be cautious and careful, as these places could also be preferred by other animals and some of them might be dangerous for you!

5. Do not forget to pack plenty of water bottles when you are going for early season deer hunting trip. You are going to get thirsty within a few hours when you are out in the sun and moreover, excessive heat might dehydrate your body.

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