A Little About Darton Archery Bows

Darton Archery has been a renowned name in the archery equipment world, when it comes to offering the hunter, or the archer, gear for small-framed shooters such as women and teenagers. Since it has been noted that more and more women and young teens have begun to take up this great outdoor activity, Darton has been able to deliver its wide range of archery products to this segment over the few years. This is by focusing their likings and the type of bows as well as gear that would suit each individual. This has been the main reason behind the company’s success in hunting equipment market.

If we go back 50 years, when the company had just come into existence under the leadership of Ralph Darlington and named Darton Archery. This was a division of Container Specialists, solely manufacturing archer accessories and arrows for the bow market. Time passed by and later on in 1961 when Rex Darlington decided to become the part of the company, Darton Archery took the big step in the industry by developing different designs to start the production of hunting bows. Since then, the company has never looked back and is now a specialist in its own particular niche of small-framed archers, mainly women and young archers.

Today, Darton enjoys the reputation of being known as one of the oldest and most durable bows and archery equipment- producing companies in the nation. Furthermore, what makes it more special is their dedication and sheer hard work during the last six decades. According to Ron Pittsley, Darton was bound to make the natural progression in the bow manufacturing business as the small steps earlier in the 50s, were already showing clear signs of what the company’s direction would be. Pittsley also marked the year 2000 as Darton’s Golden Anniversary in the archery/hunting manufacturing industry.

The Company’s progression and success in the bow manufacturing business would be credited to the genius mind of Rex Arlington, who was the motivator for Darton when he joined the management force in 1961. According to his view, Darton required that move as its parent company Container Specialties Inc. failed in the automobile service industry. With that, the company was left with not many choices for its survival and as Darton has the mind behind the technology to build the bow; Rex conjured up a strategy which placed the Darton’s operations and production to another level. This is what made Darton as successful as it is today.

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