Advantages of Carrying Non-Lethal Weapons

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, felt insecure or threatened by the possibility of becoming a victim of crime?

Have you ever been caught unawares as you were walking along the street and eyed a suspicious character coming your way? Perhaps you have even gone home and interrupted a burglary in progress. In either of these situations, it is easy to feel helpless and vulnerable.

The best way to be prepared to respond in the case of possible violence is to carry some type of non-lethal self defense weapon such as a stun gun. There are a number of reasons why this choice is preferable to carrying a traditional gun.


First, the cost of purchasing an electroshock weapon is far less than that of a traditional revolver or pistol. A good quality handgun can set you back in the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Then there is the cost for ammunition – and the ability to keep the weapon loaded, locked and ready.

And lastly, most states require that anyone carrying a weapon also carry an appropriate permit. This, too, requires an outlay of money, not only for the license fees, but perhaps for training classes as well.


A stun gun is more convenient all the way around. For one, you do not need to worry about keeping it out in the open, as is often the case in states that have laws against concealment (of course to be sure you are compliant with applicable laws, always check with your local authority).

A Phazzer or TASER gun weights far less than a bulky handgun. It is generally smaller, too, and of a size that will fit nicely into a purse, laptop case, or backpack. This also makes it easier to reach during an emergency when you need to get your hands on it right away.


Because electroshock guns are non-lethal weapons, they are safer. You needn’t worry about the possibility of the criminal taking it from your grip and using it on you with disastrous results. Nor do you need to be concerned with the possibility of killing someone. A stun gun is a great self defense weapon that keeps the owner safe but limits liability.

You do not need to take a self defense course in order to learn how to use a stun gun, either. For the most part, it is point and click.

As you can see, there are many advantages to carrying a personal self defense weapon such as a stun gun over a traditional handgun. When it comes to your safety and security, don’t be caught unprepared. Arm yourself with a handy, inexpensive, and effective way to thwart a violent crime today.

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