Airsoft Guns Malfunction – How To Fix Your AEG

Any device which has moving parts inside it may malfunction after some time. Automatic Electric Guns, or AEG, are not any different and just like any gadget that has gears, springs, and other mechanisms inside, its operation may not feel or sound the same after repeated use. Other problems include stuck parts or ammunition which can cause it to stop functioning. So, how do you fix a malfunctioning Airsoft gun? You can either have it repaired by a professional technician or, if the problem is within your control, fix it yourself.

One of the most common problems with an AEG is a stuck plastic pellet or a BB jam. Usually, this problem is characterized by a muffled sound while you are firing your Airsoft gun. Try to clear the pellet out by sliding a cleaning rod down the length of your barrel. The first thing that you may want to do is to remove your AEG’s magazine and to then turn your hop-up unit all the way down. Next, try to insert a cleaning rod with the tipped end first and carefully slide it into the barrel until the pellet falls out the magazine well.

Another common problem has something to do with the electrical aspect of your Airsoft gun. You know you have this issue when you pull the trigger and you get nothing, not even a clicking sound. The first thing you should check is your batteries to see if they are the right one for your AEG and that they are fully charged. If they are, check the fuse to see if it is busted. Normally, you will find the fuse inside a housing located right after where the battery connects to the AEG. Remove the fuse from the housing and try to connect the wires directly with each other. If your AEG fires, then you can conclude that it is the fuse that has the problem. Replace the busted fuse with a new one, making sure it is the right fuse as prescribed by your Airsoft gun manual.

Sometimes the motor may slip out of place and may not properly engage the gear box. When this happens, you will hear an ugly grinding sound coming out of your AEG. This problem is usually solved on most guns by tightening the set screw found at the bottom of the grip. Get a screw driver and slowly tighten the set screw, pressing the trigger every now and then to test the AEG if the motor is already properly adjusted. As soon as you hear the right and normal sound which your Airsoft gun should emit, you can stop tightening it.

These solutions to common problems that your Airsoft gun may encounter are just basic processes which might help. Bear in mind, however, that if these actions fail to solve the problem, the best thing to do is to take your AEG to the nearest Airsoft technician to have it checked and fixed.

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