Airsoft Pistol Review for the TSD M1911 CO2 Blowback

There are many Airsoft pistols to choose from on the Market today. Many of them look to the classic Colt 1911 for a model of design and functionality. The M1911 CO2 Blowback from TSD Tactical does more than make a valiant attempt to recreate the classic colt. It combines new technology with the beautiful aesthetics of it's predecessor to deliver a remarkably stunning firearm right out of the box. The pistol arrived in a very well appointed case, complete with foam padding and a tough plastic exterior which exceeded my expectations.

The M1911 is a single action airsoft pistol; Meaning that the hammer must be cocked back before you can fire at your target. There are two ways to accomplish this. You have the choice to either push the hammer down with the thumb of your firing hand or by pulling the slide that runs across the top of the piece back with your free hand. The M1911's 15-round magazine holds a 12oz CO2 cartridge, which gives the pistol its firing power. Loading the magazine is accomplished by simply unscrewing the bolt on the bottom of the grip. The canister of CO2 is then inserted into the magazine and an internal spring locks it into place, which makes reloading uncomplicated. I had seen other reviewers mention that the magazine could present problems by not feeding correctly but mine was issue free. I found the mechanism to work very well although it does require a bit of force to fasten the bolt back into place after completing the loading operation.

As you inspect the pistol you will notice two grooves that run along it's barrel. This is called the tactical rail which is used to mount accessories. I choose to equip my M1911's tactical rail with a laser sight and was surprised at how easy and quick the installation was.

Now the fun part. How did it shoot? In a word … awesome. I found the pistol to be very accurate at 25-30 feet. It was a lot of fun using the easily attached laser sight which is easily turned on and off with your forefinger. I highly recommend the NC Star red laser site with weaver mount which cost about $ 20. It not only looks really cool but it significantly improved the accuracy of my shooting. TSD claims that you should get 60 shots per CO2 cartridge but I got slightly less than that.

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