Airsoft Safety – Can Airsoft Guns Hurt People Or Do Any Damage?

If you are thinking of buying an airsoft gun for yourself or as a gift for someone you may have paused and asked yourself that very question. The simple answer is yes they can. These guns are more then toys and some of the models can shoot well over 400 feet per second and many are fully automatic, with that kind of power behind them injuring someone or damaging property is a very real possibility.

But do not let the potential danger of air soft guns steer you away because when they are treated properly and handled correctly they are very safe and enjoyable. The airsoft safety tips listed below will cover the basic precautions you need to take in order to enjoy your gun.

Basic Airsoft Safety Tips For Everyone

The very first thing that you should be aware of is that the blaze orange tip that is on the gun should never be removed or painted black, doing so is a Federal offense and you could wind up in jail and have your gun confiscated by police. Or worse yet If the police think it is a real weapon they could use force against you.

When you are not shooting your gun always have the safety on.Even with the safety on make sure you point it in a safe direction, preferably at the ground and treat it like it is ready to fire.

Any time you are shooting your firearm you will want to wear eye protection and make sure anyone who is with you is wearing it as well. These should be plastic safety glasses the cover the entire eye area, if you wear eye glasses wear the safety lenses over them. Many retailers of these guns sell goggles that wrap around the face and offer the best protection.

When you are finally ready to shoot your gun you need to use common sense, do not shoot at pets, wild animals or other people as this is cruel and will cause pain. Also be sure of what you are shooting at and what is beyond it. Never shoot at another persons property as damage or breakage can occur and you will be liable.

If your children are under 18 make sure they only fire their airsoft gun under your supervision or the supervision of a responsible adult. While it may seem overwhelming airsoft safety comes down to basic common sense, and if you need some more clarification on firearm safety you can always take a gun safety class or pick up some safety literature from the NRA.

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