All About Beagles

Beagles are known as one of the most good-natured hounds. They were originally bred to be hunters and they were usually raised in packs. Hunters felt that it was more beneficial to hunt with a pack of dogs rather than a single hound. Beagles crave companionship. Most beagles are not picky when it comes to their acquaintances. They would be just as happy with a human as they would be with a canine.

If you know anything about beagle puppies, then you know that they are just like adult beagles in that they love to explore the outdoors. They are especially excited when they pick up on a scent. Beagles are trackers. They pick up on a scent and they go and go until they find what they are looking for. This is something that you will have to watch out for if you should ever get a beagle. A beagle has a one track mind when it comes to hunting down a scent that they have picked up on. You’ll have a hard time getting any beagle’s attention if they are on a trail. A beagle’s tail will stand straight in the air when they are tracking a scent. Beagle puppies will display this behavior at a very young age. It’s important that you keep on your beagle puppies when they are first exploring outside. You can easily lose your beagle to a scent! It will be very difficult to get a beagle’s attention when they are tracking so keep your beagle puppies and adult beagles on a leash.

Beagle puppies, like all puppies are very playful. However, when given adequate exercise, beagles are one of the calmer breeds. Beagles are known for their hunting skills. Many people raise beagles for the sole purpose of using them as hunting dogs. However, even though they are such great hunters, beagles also make great family pets. They are so good natured and they are excellent with children. Beagles are very gentle and incredibly tolerant of small children. Most children like being around beagles because of their size. Beagles are one of the smaller dogs usually weighing only between 18 and 30 pounds. A dog of this size is usually not intimidating to a child. Although beagles can be rather independent they also love playing with children too.

Like all puppies, beagle puppies will also need daily exercise. Because they are a bit on the calmer side, they really don’t need high level exercise. Talking your beagle puppies for a long walk on a leash will be just fine. It is important that you keep your beagle on a leash though. Their independence and string instinct to hunt can get them into trouble if left unattended. This breed love the outdoors in temperate climates as long as they given a warm shelter to sleep in. It’s not uncommon to find beagles sleeping outside in dog houses. Most hunting dogs are kept outside in dog houses. If your beagle puppies are going to be hunting dogs, then a dog house might be the only shelter they’ll know. Some people might think this is cruel, but again, as long as they have a warm shelter to sleep in, they really don’t mind being outside.

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