An Exciting Bass Fishing Trip To Canada

Ontario walleye fishing, as well as northern pike, crappie, whitefish and of course Rainy Lake small mouth bass fishing can all be done minutes from the dock. Our part of Canada, the Rainy River district, has the remoteness of a fly-in, but we are within an hour of the border. Ontario small mouth bass fishing on Rainy Lake is truly an avid fisherman’s outdoor adventure.

Largemouth techniques employed in most other locations are also effective in Ontario. Tactics vary from flip-and-pitch styles used in the shallow weed beds, docks, and stumps, to the exciting top-water stroke on jerk baits, poppers, and hovering plastic worms. Largemouth bass fishing is incredibly exciting because the largemouth bass is one of the most exciting freshwater fish to catch. They are lively and and a blast to catch .

Jigs can be tipped with plastic or small pork trailers for more profile. Jigging in deeper water, trolling, fly-fishing, crank baits, etc can all be used. Just ask us, we will be sure to tell you what is working at the time.

Small mouth bass are popular among anglers because they are such a strong fighter. A small mouth bass will usually leap into the air a couple of times and make a couple strong runs, depending on their size. Small mouth bass now rank among the top 15 most preferred species. Known maximum size in Texas exceeds 7.5 pounds. Small mouth Bass population reaches into the 5 pound class. In addition to Norse Lake, there is a portage trail along a rapids leading into Little Norse Lake, which also harbors great walleye, northern, and bass fishing.

Small mouth are the only fish in the north that have no teeth. Small mouth have been caught up to 7 lb and daily catches have exceeded 100 fish. Our ratio of large fish(over 3lb.) is very high.

Baits such spoons, crank baits, big spinner baits and wooden plugs called “jerk baits” are often used. Where you decide to fish determines which lure is best. Bait casting gear is extremely well suited for targeted fishing. On some occasions placing a lure under a boat dock, under over lying limbs or between pontoon boats may be necessary.

Choosing your lure for instance is very important and the largemouth bass has a wide range of appetite selections. It can be caught on red worms, leaf worms, night crawlers, leeches, crayfish, and minnows, to name a few of the many options here. Choose from deluxe drive-in or boat-in facilities to luxury fly-in resorts and lodges located on remote lakes – with no roads going in or out. You can choose to have your meals included as part of an American Plan package or do your own cooking and rent a housekeeping cottage .

Ontario Fishing Lake: Lake of Ontario is a perfect spot for a Canada fishing trip, it has idyllic landscape, and oodles of fish. Bass of record size are often caught here, often exceeding five pounds in weight. Ontario fishing lodges, camps resorts and outfitters. Lunchtime is usually a good time to find someone fishing the ‘net .

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