Archery Competition: What Preparation to Make?

One of the goals of an archer is to join and compete in a certain tournament, whether in small or big competition. We aim to have a name in the sports that we love to do. We want to be recognized by others. We aim to get that trophy and be on top and the most important thing is the achievement that we get from it. It is so fulfilling in our part once we reach our goal and prove to our self that we can be one of the best in this sport.

But how are we going to be among those best archers and ready to face competition? This is a reality that we are going to address. We must know what are we going to do to reach what we aim for…to be on top and be known in this sport!

In planning to join any competition you must prepare yourself. This preparation includes, constant practice and together with proper training. You need to do some physical training to strengthen and condition your body. We need to do all of this in order for our body to be fit. We must be fit in joining with any competition for you to sustain your posture until the end of the activity. You must be aware that you need to avoid to be easily got tired when you are in competition because it can affect your shooting ability (the more you get tired the more you will commit mistakes and it is not good when you are in a competition because it can affect your score). You must concentrate and give focus on everything that you do and must maintain your consistency in shooting your bow to achieve good results.

It is also important to include in your training the best location to practice. You must be aware of the condition or climate of the area where the completion is being held. Know if the place is too warm, cold, windy and etc…and try to look for a place that has the same climate for you to be prepare and know what and where to adjust on your shooting. Also make sure that the equipment that you are using is always in good condition.

Good luck and be prepared at all times!

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