Archery Tips To Improve Your Sight Picture

Many archers share a common dilemma; a poor sight picture. You pull back your bow, put your pin on the target and the next thing you know that pin looks like its dancing. There are many things that can cause a poor sight picture, such as having an improper set up on your bow or perhaps having a problem with your form.

Improve Your Site Picture By Fixing Your Equipment

Consider your draw weight. Many archers shoot a high draw weight in an attempt to increase the speed of their arrow. Unfortunately, sometimes this higher draw weight is more than they can draw comfortably and so the pin dance begins. The end result is often a rushed shot and missed target.

So how do you decide if this is your problem? Perform a little test. Reduce the draw weight by five pounds or so and take a few shots. Your results should give you your answer.

The next thing to check is the draw length. When an archer shoots with a draw length which is too long, they often over extend their bow arm. This results in the shoulder being unable to come into the ready position and you can guess what happens next.

The test to see if this is your problem is similar to the previous one. Shorten your draw length by an inch and take a few shots.

Check your peep sight. The peep height as well as the peep and pin size are critical issues. The peep height needs to be placed so that the pin naturally lines up in the correct position. Larger peeps are best for shooting in low light conditions.

Test your peep height by drawing your bow and getting set to anchor. Take time to see if the pins fall naturally into your line of sight. Beside increasing the size of the peep for low light, consider using glowing pins. This will help you to keep your eyes on the target while your pins fall on the mark.

Improve Your Site Picture By Fixing Your Form

The most common form error experienced by archers is over aiming. When an archer attempts to keep the pin in one particular spot on the target, this unintentionally reduces the amount of forward pressure and makes the pin move. The fix is simple, increase your forward pressure and this should eliminate the movement.

A good, steady sight picture is one of the key components to increasing accuracy with a bow. Steadier shoots mean smaller groups and increased shooting confidence when the moment of truth comes.

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