Bass Fishing From A Kayak

There is a definite thrill involved in catching a bass from a kayak. A bass is a very aggressive fish and this makes it particularly exhilarating when landing one from a kayak.

You have the upper hand by being in a kayak, which makes no sound (unlike those motor boats where every fish within a 10 mile radius hears you coming) so the stealth aspect is second to none. Even so a largemouth has a mind of its own and it is often said of it that it has one of the highest IQ’s of any fish.

Having said that it is important to plan your strategy carefully when setting out to catch bass from a kayak. Knowing which lure to use is vital. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule as to which one to use for which situation-they are so many factors involved in the decision-why the bass would strike a lure for one. They don’t only strike because they are hungry-it can also be a territorial thing, or because they are angry at you for invading their personal space. The other problem with largemouth bass is that they do not have a specific type of food which they eat or a specific place or time of day or season or depth at which they feed. This makes it very interesting for anyone who is up for a challenge.

These bass are opportunistic feeders and will often go for whatever’s on the menu at the time-if it can be taken it is-no real thought involved. Examples of their prey include shad, koi carp (mostly newly hatched), bream, and other sea-life which crawl along the lake floor.

Choosing a lure for bass is not as easy as it sounds because all the factors mentioned earlier come into play -time of year is very important because the bass can only take newly hatched carp for instance, before they grow too big. So you will need to know your seasons of spawning and nesting for the different sources of forage for bass. This takes practice and trying different lures at different times. You have to get into the mind of the bass to be successful at landing them. This can be quite complex but is very rewarding -especially from a kayak.

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