Bass Fishing Lures That Mimic Live Shad

One of the most prevalent bait fish in many bass waters is the shad, and for that reason shad are also a major food source for bass. Both large and smallmouth bass feed on shad, but shad are probably best known as a largemouth bass bait. In any case, any serious bass angler needs to have effective shad imitations as a part of their bass fishing arsenal.

In this article I will outline a few of the most effective bass fishing lures that mimic live shad. This is the key to any effective fishing lure. You want your lure, no matter which type of lure you choose to use, to mimic the live bait fish that it represents in an effective manner. The following bass fishing lures certainly accomplish this fact, mimicking live shad in a very effective manner.

The first bass lure that looks incredibly realistic are soft plastics. The Storm “Wildeye” Swim Shad is incredibly realistic, for example. The Storm “WildEye” Swim Shad 5″ and 6″ Swim Baits feature an array of fish catching colors and patterns, and mimic live shad quite nicely. These bass baits are just a soft plastic body with a hook running through it. Very simple, yet very effective.

Another effective soft plastic is the Berkley Gulp Jerk Shad. This bass bait actually “lives” in a solution that is designed to attract bass. This scents is then dispersed into the water as the shad is retrieved, leaving a trail of bass attracting scent that bass find hard to resist. These jerk baits are rigged just like any soft plastic jerk bait would be and are very effective for suspended bass.

When it comes to bass fishing lures that mimic live shad the KickTail Minnow is the next lure that must be mentioned. This unique swim bait features a hard head with a soft plastic body that mimics a live shad in an almost unbelievable manner. This bait really looks like a live shad when being retrieved. This bass bait is amazingly realistic under the water.

The bottom line is that these fishing lures mimic live shad to a very high degree. Any (or all) of them must be a part of any serious bass fisherman’s repertoire, especially if live shad are prevalent in the body of water that you fish for bass. Bass, both large and small mouth, find all of these bass fishing lures hard to resist.

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