Bass Fishing With Buzz Baits

I got turned on to buzz baits many years ago. I ran into an old fishing buddy I hadn’t seen in years. We hooked up and decided to go fishing. It was late in the summer and the weeds were thick in the shallow parts of the lake. Well–we new this is where the bass were, so we proceeded to fish there. This is when he pulled out his buzz bait and proceeded to kick my butt all day long. Since then I have always kept buzz baits in my tackle box.

These lures work the best during the spawn or anytime bass are living in the shallows. I have the best luck when fishing in the shallows over thick weed beds. I’ve been out at the lake when the bass wouldn’t touch a spinnerbait, but as soon as I switched to a buzz bait I got a strike. These lures also work great on cloudy days or during the twilight hours.

Like always, you want to try to match the forage. I noticed the bass feeding on shad one day, so I got out a silver buzz bait with a silver skirt to match the shad. I was catching bass right and left, but when I switched to a chartreuse color, they wouldn’t touch it. Color does matter with these lures. I do have success with chartreuse when the water is muddy and the visibility is low.

Speed also matters, you will have more success when you fish these lures at a slow to medium retrieve. If you fish them fast, the bass will nip the back of the skirt and miss the hook, or they won’t even strike at all. If you don’t get a strike on your first cast, don’t give up on that spot. Keep casting the same spot, there is something about these lures that the bass just can’t continually pass up.

Look for structure and get your lure as close to that structure as possible. If there is a log floating in the water, run your lure parallel to the log. If your fishing around lily pads, run your lure right along the edge of the pads.

There is one modification that you can make to these lures that will make a world of a difference. Putting holes in the buzz bait blades will cause more commotion in your presentation resulting in more strikes. It causes the lure to make a gurgling noise and leaves a trail of bubbles. This has a devastating effect on bass. However, you can’t make the holes to big. A 3/16 hole by a hand drill will work perfect. Strike King makes a buzz bait with the holes already in the blades.

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