Beagle Leash Training

Have you ever wondered whether it is safe to walk your Beagle on the streets without a leash? Most people will say that it isn’t safe without a leash. This is because the beagle was bred to be a hunting dog with a strong and powerful sense of smell. You cannot override thousands of years of ingrained instinct that is so sharp that the Beagle is one of very few breeds that requires no training to be used for their original purpose of hunting. Hence, Beagle leash training is very important.

Be a responsible owner and do not let your Beagle off leash. When your Beagle has caught an intriguing scent, it is almost impossible for you to convince your Beagle that what you have is better and more interesting than the tantalizing smell they are going after. For the beagle, their nose rules the roost, and it takes a lot of work and effort for the you to properly motivate and reward the dog.

How long should the leash be? You do not want the leash to be too long. Four to six feet is ideal. Do remember to conduct your Beagle leash training in an area which has few distractions. Your backyard or a quiet park can be possible training venues.

Lots of patience and a positive attitude are prerequisites for leash training. Never yell at your Beagle or strike it. If it is too excited, you want to tire it out a little with some vigorous play before commencing leash training.

An untethered Beagle can pose many risks. It could jump on to strangers, or get into fights with other dogs, or run headlong into oncoming traffic. The importance of leash training cannot be overly emphasized. And leash training should begin as soon as you take possession of your Beagle, regardless of its age.

I want to suggest 3 easy steps to carrying out Beagle leash training.

1. Begin the training by placing the collar & leash on your Beagle while it is eating. This helps your dog to have a pleasant association with the leash and collar around its neck. Then after two or three days, take the leash and follow your Beagle around the house for a few minutes after its meal. Lengthen the periods of walking until the Beagle is used to both the leash and your walking by its side.

2. The next step is to take the Beagle outside the house to walk in the park. Let your Beagle drag the leash around, following it. Hold the leash in your right hand while coaxing your Beagle to walk on your left side by holding a treat in your left hand. As you walk the Beagle, often repeat the phrase “Let’s go!” when you want to move on. Praise your Beagle when it is obedient and does well.

3. If your Beagle starts to pull forward, you can counter this by doing a clockwise turn and walking in another direction. The leash will pull his head to one side, so that he will have to hurry to catch up with you. Repeat this exercise until your Beagle learns to walk beside you and continue to receive your praise.

If you like the tips given above, you may wish to check out yourself. There is a book available on the subject of Beagle leash training. This book is reviewed here.

“Beagle Training With Zone Method” book.” This book describes the zone training method. Zone training is an unparalleled training method developed for specific dog breed such as the Beagle. It reinforces their position (“zone”) with relationship to you as their owners. Currently there is not another Beagle training method on the market that can bring out your Beagle’s ultimate level of intelligence and happiness. With Zone training in The Best Beagle Training Book, you will achieve the following benefits: house train & domesticate your Beagle, leash train your Beagle, and other areas of training too.

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