Bear Compound Bows – Where to Find Bows for Sale, Reviews, Models, and More

This is an article that will bring you up to speed on Bear Archery and the products they produce. We will discuss models and applications of those models. Also we will talk a little bit about Bear Archery’s history and give you some information on where to find a Bear bow.

History and Facts

Fred Bear began making archery equipment for a circle of friends in his spare time and within six years his side business grew into a fulltime job. In 1942 Fred and Jack Van Coevering traveled to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and produced the first of several hunting films that featured Fred and his archery products. These films helped Fred’s products grow in popularity and eventually in 1947 Bear archery moved to Grayling, Michigan and began a bigger production process. This paved the way to Bear archery becoming one of the most popular and outfitted bows in archery. Fred Bear passed away in 1988 as a legend and in his memory Bear Archery stayed in production and made it what it is today.

Technologies and Achievements

When mentioning Bear archery the first thing that comes to mind are their famous recurves that Fred himself designed but today’s Bear archery is no slouch. Today Bear is known for their new fast single cam bows and innovation.

  • Eccentric Systems – Bear has produced some of their more notable cams in the last few years with their E cam and Skeleton cam. The E cam is the smooth drawing cam and the Skeleton cam is Bear’s more aggressive speed cam producing impressive IBO speeds.
  • Limbs – Bear’s compression molded limbs are constructed with continuous, uncut fibers. These limbs pack a lot of energy in the bow during draw and transfer it to the arrow with great efficiency.
  • Risers – The risers equipped on Bear bows are made from machined aluminum with a skeletal cut out design. Bear’s strong and durable risers are a staple in their line of bows.

Popularity & Customer Service

Even though Bear’s reputation might have been most noticed in their recurve department over the last decade their compound bows have grown in popularity greatly. Now they are considered at the top of the list when talking about today’s high end bows. Bear’s innovation has taken leaps and bounds in the last several years earning them the right to be mentioned with today’s top brands.

Product Range

  • Youth Bows – Bear has one the most extensive line of youth bows on the market. Offering several models and many models all set up with accessories. With line that cover the very young to the older child here are the models bear offers; Brave 3, Warrior 3, Lil Brave 2, 1st shot, Goblin, Wizard, Crusader, Titan, Bullseye, Firebird and Firestar.
  • Bows for women – While in the past women could utilize different Bear models at lower weights, this year they have introduced a bow specifically for women in the Home Wrecker. Having attributes like lighter mass weight, shorter draw lengths, lower draw weights and pink strings and cables this rig has the lady archer in mind.
  • Traditional Bows – Bear continues to be a company that produces quality traditional bows. Having more traditional models than any other big name manufacturer out there, they keep the traditional archer in mind with this line up; Kodiak Magnum, Super Kodiak, Takedown, Grizzly, Super Grizzly, Supermag 48, Cheyenne, Patriot, Montana, Ausable and Kodiak Cub.
  • Hunting/3D bows – Bear’s compound line up really grew in popularity a few years ago with the introduction of the Element, Instinct and Truth. Ever since they have only went forward in bow innovation and have an impressive lineup that have great shootability and characteristics that make them a great choice. Here is the current compound bow line up for Bear; Carnage, Attack, Assault, Mauler, Strike, Charge and Apprentice.

Which Bear bow should I purchase?

When choosing a bow there are a lot of factors to consider, but most important is the bow you purchase has to fit you and fit your needs. First finding out which bows fits your style of shooting and needs is a must and second going and getting a hands on feel if the bow fits you is very important. For beginners you need to look at things like shootability, speed and price to make sure the weapon fits you. For experienced archers, chances are since this isn’t your first rodeo and you have a good idea of what it is you are looking for. Basically you just need to know the specs and read reviews on the product you have your eye on to see if it is a worthy purchase.

Online Resource for Bear bows

Choosing the right bow for you can seem like a very time consuming process. Trying to find viable information for the particular rig you want can be hard at times and when you browse forums and other websites it can seem nearly impossible to find the right information or an unbiased opinion.

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