Bellinger Fly Reels – Make Every Cast Count

Bellinger has long been associated with fine fly-fishing gear, and the Bellinger fly reels are no exception to this rule. Bellinger has been a forerunner in the field of reel seats, and they exhibit a level of quality that is second to none. Anglers alike have been raving about the Bellinger reels for sometime, and with the dedication and understanding of what an angler really needs and wants from their gear the tradition of this fine work will continue.

From one man’s passion for fly-fishing come the great Bellinger fly reels, only to compliment the already healthy lineup of fine products under this brand name. Bellinger prides itself on the fine materials used to create some of the most well crafted and innovative fly-fishing gear in the industry. Originally the fine wood spacers immediately recognized the Bellinger name that they employed on the Bellinger fly-fishing rods that they sold. From the introduction to the great wood spacers that they offered, they then moved on to hardware that was precision fit to the rod assembly to round out the perfect angling package.

What is perhaps the greatest thing about Bellinger and their full lineup of fly reels, is that they offer tools developed by the company to be sold to the market. What this means is that they will sell the tools of the trade to any customer that may be willing to try and make their own rod, rather than purchase one in a store. Most notable would be the tools that they sell for Bamboo rod making, as this seems to be a very popular material for fly rods. Many of the fly reels are convertible from right-handed to left-handed, making the Bellinger fly reels very convenient and easy to attach to your rod.

Bellinger fly reels are cast from some of the finest materials money can buy, including fine German Nickel/Silver combinations. Bronze, stainless steel and aluminum are all used for the Delrin, and the side plates that attach to the rod and reel itself. Bellinger fly reels could easily be considered the Cadillac of fly reels, and for good reason. Quality and a warranty that cannot be beat, makes for a very trusted and well-respected name in the fly fishing-industry. If you are interested in the fine line of Bellinger reels, check a location near you that sells them or check them out online, and see for yourself why Bellinger is a name you can trust.

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