Berkley Gulp Alive Baits – My Review of Fishing With Berkley Gulp Lures

I have done some of my best fishing in years when I discovered Berkley Gulp Alive baits. I have always had good luck with the line of Power Baits that Berkley developed many years ago, but I was truly surprised with the results I was getting when using the new Gulp Alive brand of baits.

I have always enjoyed the thrill of fishing with artificial lures, mostly because you stand a much better chance of getting a good size fish to hit an artificial lure, and I usually leave live bait fishing to my kids so they can catch pan fish all day long. But perhaps my one complaint using artificial lures was the amount of times I would miss a fish due to a short strike where I could not set the hook in time.

It is with this in mind that I set out one afternoon last fall with a new can of Berkley Gulp Alive leeches and twister tails. I rigged them up and proceeded to fish areas that I know hold large bass. What ensued was one of my better days on the water in quite some time. For some reason the new formula of these baits really encourages fish to hold on to them for much longer periods of time. I was not getting short strikes, and in fact, had ample time to set hooks on hit each.

My only complaint is the fish had a tendency to swallow the bait rather quickly, making hook retrieval an adventure every time. A good set of needle nose pliers, though, and I was able to successfully catch and release double digit bass in one afternoon of fishing action.

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