Best Spinners for Catching Rainbow Trout

Ultra-light spinning tackle is probably the most popular tackle used by rainbow trout fisherman on rivers and streams. The blade spins on a wire flashing and moving the water as it is imitating the flashes made by creek chubs. Rainbow trout fishermen choose inline spinners most often when they fish for trout on spinning tackle.

Inline spinners

Inline spinners are the standard style of trout spinner. The metal blade revolves about the middle wire of the spinner. At the back of the spinner blade, the spinner can hold fabric skirts, weights, beads, or other vibrant material. Willowleaf style blades are the style of blades used on inline spinners.

Willowleaf blades remind one of the leaves of a willow tree and are long and narrow shaped blades. The willowleaf blades used on inline spinners emit nearly no vibrations and are used only for their flash unlike the spinnerbaits used when fishing for other fish like bass or pike. These types of spinners are excellent lures to use for trout in the crystal clear water in streams and mountain lakes where rainbow trout are located.

A Rooster Tail spinner is an inline spinner with a feather skirt around a treble hook at the base of the lure. Howard Warden developed the original Rooster Tail in the late 1950’s. Rooster Tail spinners also uses a willowleaf blade like other inline spinners.

Trout Spinner Fishing Methods

Trout spinners can appear easy to fish but a few points need to be kept in mind. A simple technique is to just cast out the spinner and reel it back in quick enough to make the blade spin. A better technique than that would be to occasionally pause as you reel in and give the spinner a swift jerk. This method will give the lure the illusion of a dying minnow and is quite often a good method of triggering trout to strike.

When fishing with trout spinners the rotation of the spinner blade can make the line twist. This will eventually result in dreaded bird’s nests which is when your line forms into knots. Tying a swivel on the end of your line and then attaching the trout spinner to that will counter act the rotation.

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