Brown Trout Lures That Will Catch Monsters

Most people feel that the way to a big brown is with a good old night crawler or a fat shiner. Well, they will eat night crawlers, there is no denying that. But, if you want to really increase the amount of water you are fishing, and increase the number of large fish that you catch, you need to start using crankbaits and jerkbaits for trout. The same exact size you would use for bass.

Those heavy browns eat other fish, thats how they get big and stay big. Throwing bass lures in a trout stream may seem odd at first, because for some reason fisherman have always been told to go small for some reason. But once you start catching fish it won’t feel so awkward. The key is to fish along banks and get digging deep in big pools with your crank bait. When something starts moving wildly, big browns move in for the kill.

Always fish upstream and move upstream. Bring lures past banks at a speedy clip. You don’t want the trout to be able to get too good of an inspection on the lure. If they think its food, they will pounce. Even with the best presentation, and the best conditions, you may never move a truly huge brown trout. This is because most huge browns are nocturnal. To get at these fish, you need to map out your fishing haunts during the day, and know exactly where you are going to throw these crankbaits.

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