Bullet Proof Vest Level 3 Versus Anti-Stab Vest

Who wears bullet proof vest level 3?

Men and women of today wear ballistic vest for protection but not all wears the same level of bullet resistance vest. This is because the degree of protection varies from one person to another or from one job to the other. Hence, there is bullet proof vest level 3, level 4 or even lower. Level 3 however is the most popular resistance vest worn today because it can withstand or repel bullets coming from standard handguns commonly carried by people.

Your choice will greatly depend on the kind of threat you may likely encounter in your day-to-day activities. Remember that bullet resistance vests have different protection capacity, level 3A protects you from 9mm + magnum as well as bullet ricochet while level 3 on the other hand can repel 5.56 or M-16, 7.62 or AK 47, 308 Winchester and lower handguns. To learn about the different levels and its corresponding ammunition, you can check it online at the NIJ website or even from the supplier’s site.

Bullet proof vest level 3 is the most recognized protective gear in the market today. Nonetheless, no matter what type or level you choose, basically all of them functions the same. That is to hinder a round from penetrating into the body. How? The fibers used in creating layers of sheets will catch the bullet and disperses the energy over it until the energy is reduced and eventually puts a complete stop to it.

Remember however that bullet proof vest can only withstand bullets and not knives. You need an anti-stab vest for this type of protection. Never assume that once you are wearing bullet resistant vest that you are already safe from either a knife or bullets. Although some may testify of evading such scenario, it’s still a 50/50 chance. Bullet resistant armors are designed and tested to resist bullets alone.

On the contrary, anti-stab vest can resist both bullets and knives or any other sharp-edged weapons. Mostly used by armies, civilians, security guards and body guards as the top wearer of this type. Therefore if your job requires both knife and bullet protection, it is wise to get the stab proof vest.

So between bullet proof vest and anti-stab vest, which is best? Of course, anti-stab vest but bullet proof vest level 3 will suffice if your line of work is more susceptible to gunshots. But if you are in an area with high knife violence ratio then it is best to choose the anti-stab vest. Both types of vest are equally important. Therefore it is your responsibility to determine your need in order to address the problem or situation correctly.

Another innovation with regard to body armor is its multi-threat capability. This is also effective and beneficial to the wearer although this is more expensive than the other two. Putting that aside, again your determining factor in choosing the type of vest you need is the kind of danger you are most vulnerable to encounter. The ultimate aspect you need to consider is that the resistant vest you have will protect you from possible harm. You can either choose bullet proof vest level 3 or an anti-stab vest.

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