Bushnell Scopes: Wide Selection for Affordable Price

Bushnell Corporation (aka Bushnell Outdoors Products) is the U.S. based company. They manufacture lots of different optical devices: such as binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, rifle scopes, etc.

Just like many others rifle scopes manufacturers, Bushnell was founded by David P Bushnell in 1948 during World War II. At the end of the XX century Bushnell experienced some difficulties and in 1999 brand was bought by Wind Point Partners. In 2007 during leveraged capitalization Bushnell was sold to MidOcean Partners.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is one of the leading companies who manufacture the rifle scopes and other sport optics. Such brands as Bushnell, Simmons Optics and Millett are owned by this optical giant.

Bushnell offers wide selection of the rifle scopes. Their line of hunting scopes includes such models as: Elite Tactical Hunters, Elite 6500, Elite, Legend Ultra HD, Trophy XLT, Trophy Red Dot, Banner and Yardage Pro Riflescope. For the tactical shooters Bushnell designed Elite Tactical and AR Optics product lines.

Elite Series

Bushnell claims that their Elite series scopes are the brightest in the world with 95% of light transmission. These scopes are made with Bushnell’s RainGuard HD patented technology that was presented in 2009.

RainGuard HD is a coating technology. To implement it Bushnell covers scopes’ lenses with the special coating. This coating gathers the moisture from rain, fog, or even your breath into the small drops. These small drops divert much less light. Thus more light goes through your scope and you see the brighter picture.

RainGuard HD protects lenses of your scope from scratches and allows better light transmission.

Bushnell Elite scopes are fully multi coated. This means that every single surface of every lens is coated with special coating to allow even better light transmission.

Body of the Bushnell Elite scopes is made from a single piece of aluminum. It field with argon inside to prevent internal lens’ surfaces from fogging. These scopes are 100% water and fog proof.

Eyepiece of Elite series scopes is fast focusing. Elevation and windage adjustments are easy to perform with your fingertips. These adjustments are resettable and perform with ¼ MOA increments. Bushnell Elite scopes are recoil proof as well.

These scopes will help you to see more in the low light and hunt in wettest and dimmest conditions.

Bushnell Elite scopes come with the most common for hunting magnification of 1.25-4x, 2-7x, 2.5-10x, 3-9x, 4-16x. Elite series available with 6-24x and 8-32x magnification for long range shooters.

Elite 6500 Series

Bushnell Elite 6500 scopes have really wide magnification range. These are Elite scopes series with 6.5:1 zoom ratio. Elite 6500 come with 1.25-8x, 2.5-16x and 4.5-30x magnification. Such wide magnification range allows you to use these scopes in different situations, from big game to long range varmint hunting.

As all Elite scopes Elite 6500 models have RainGuard HD coating technology that allows more light transmitting in low light and wet conditions. Single piece 30mm tube body is filled with argon for fog proofing and waterproofing.

Elite Tactical Series

Bushnell Elite Tactical scopes are designed for military, law enforcement and competitive target shooters. These scopes build with the same high technologies as Bushnell Elite. It is professional grade optics with rugged design.

Elite Tactical scopes come with different professional grade tactical reticles for most advanced shooting: Mil Dot, G2, BTR Mil, BTR-1, BTR-2, HORUS H-59 and HORUS TRMR2. These reticles will help professionals to perform all possible measurements and perform most precise shots.

These scopes are absolutely waterproof, fog proof, shockproof and very reliable.

Elite Tactical Hunters Series

Elite Tactical Hunters is relatively new series of hunting scopes. Currently there is just one scope in this series. It is LRHS 3-12x44mm. LRHS means Long Range Hunting Scope.

This is a tactical scope that is optimized for the field. Just like all Elite series scopes this one is built with implementing of RainGuard HD coating and others last technologies.

Bushnell designed a special reticle for their Elite Tactical Hunters scopes. G2H reticle is the milradian reticle that was placed in the first focal plan of the scope. It means when you increase magnification reticle appears larger along with the target.

Bushnell G2H reticle will help you to determine the distance to the target and holdover for the bullet drop and wind at any magnification. This reticle has 0.5 mil hash marks. There are 8 mils for bullet drop holdover and 6 mils for cross wind holdover.

Turrets have a tactical design. However they are much lower, that makes scope very convenient in field. LRHS scope feature RevLemiter Zero Stop. You can quickly reset your turrets to the zero.

Legend Ultra HD Series

Legend Ultra HD are hunting scopes with the 3:1 zoom ratio. In these series Bushnell offers rifle scopes with 1.75-5x, 3-9x and 4.5-14x magnifications. These scopes were built using the same technologies as successful Bushnell Legend Ultra HD binoculars.

To manufacture Legend Ultra HD series Bushnell use ED prime glass and fully multicoated lenses. These lenses covered with RainGuard HD coating as well. These scopes are very bright and clear.

3-9x and 4.5-14x magnification models have side focus parallax adjustment turrets. Just like all other scopes Bushnell Legend Ultra HD scopes are 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

There are 5 reticle options that you can find in different models: Multi-X (Bushnell’s duplex), DOA 200, DOA Crossbow, DOA 600 and Mil Dot.

Trophy XLT Series

If Bushnell Elite and Ultra HD are rifle scopes of premium price segment, Bushnell Trophy XLT represent medium price range. You may buy Trophy XLT with the same magnification as Elite for twice cheaper price.

However there is nothing for free. Because of the price Bushnell Trophy XLT have less light transmission, about 91%. Light is not so bright and picture is not as clear as in Elite scopes. But again the price is almost twice cheaper.

Lenses of Trophy XLT are fully multicoated. Scopes’ body is field with nitrogen gas that protects it from fogging. However it is not as good as argon filling that protects scope’s lenses from fogging when there are quick temperature changes.

Trophy XLT scopes are 100% waterproof and shockproof. It feature ¼ MOA clicks elevation and windage adjustments.

Trophy XLT scopes available with the following magnification ranges: 1-4x, 1.5-6x, 1.75-4x, 2-6x, 2-7x, 3-9x, 4-12x and 6-18x. Bushnell offers 9 reticles with these scopes: 4A (German #4), Illuminated 4A, Multi-X (duplex), Circle-X, DOA 200, DOA Crossbow, DOA 250, DOA 600 and Mil Dot.

Trophy Red Dot Series

As you can see from the name Trophy Red Dot are Bushnell’s red dot sights. Those scopes simply provide you with the laser dot that appears on your target. Such scopes are good in the actions where you have to aim very quickly.

Red dot sights are non-magnifying scopes and dot stays in alignment with the target regardless of your eye position. It is parallax free.

Bushnell offers 5 models of Trophy Red Dot scopes: Firs Strike, TRS 1x25mm, TRS 1x25mm Realtree AP, 1x28mm Multi Reticle and 1x28mm Realtree AP. 1x25mm models have 3 MOA red dot at 100 yards and 1x28mm models have 6 MOA red dot.

The field of view is wide. Trophy Red Dot scopes feature 11 brightness settings that automatically adjust to light conditions to save the battery life.

1x28mm Multi Reticle scope comes with 3 MOA dot, 10 MOA dot, crosshair and 65 MOA ring with 3 MOA dot inside.

Just like the rest of Bushnell scopes Trophy Red Dot are 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

Banner Series

Bushnell Banner series represents scopes of the low price segment. These are affordable scopes. However you get what you pay for.

These optics are fully multicoated, 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. The brightness is good and image is clear enough. However you will not get that high performance and reliability as Elite or Legend Ultra HD series.

Bushnell Banner available with following magnification ranges: 1.5-4.5x, 1.75-4x, 1-4x, 4x, 3-9x, 3.5-10x, 4-12x, 4-16x, 6-18x and 6-24x. Banner 3-9×40 offers most wide selection of reticles: Multi-X, Illuminated Multi-X, Circle-X, Mil Dot, BDC Multi-X, MZ-200 (provides holds to 200 yards with a muzzleloader) and CF500 (for center fire rifles with hold points up to 500 yards).

Yardage Pro Rifle Scope

Bushnell Yardage Pro is the rifle scope with build-in laser rangefinder. This scope features bullet drop compensation as well. Yardage Pro has 4-12x magnification with objective lens’ diameter of 42mm.

Yardage Pro allows you to determine the distance in the range of 30-800 yards. This scope comes with the wireless trigger pad. You need to strap it to the rifle’s fore-end. Then while aiming you just need to push the button and distance in yards will appear.

There are few different turrets that come with the Bushnell Yardage Pro. Each of them matches specific Group of cartridges (D, E, F, G and H). You need to determine which cartridge you use and install the correct turret. When it’s done adjust elevation turret to the corresponding distance after you determine it.

Yardage Pro rifle scope comes with Mil Dot reticle. Its optics is fully multicoated. This scope is 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

AR Optics Series

Bushnell AR Optics is the series of tactical scopes that was designed for AR platforms. It is optimized for target shooters, military and law enforcements. This series contains magnifying scopes and non-magnifying red dot sights.

AR Optics scopes have target turrets that are easily clickable. Reticles are specific to different calibers. Drop Zone 223 ballistic reticle provides you with holdover points up to 500 yards. These rifle scopes are available in the 6 configuration to fit any of AR platforms.

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