Buy Pepper Spray Online and You Can Avoid All That Violent Physical Assault Nonsense

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy feeling safe and secure when walking the street at night. Not that I really spend a lot of time walking the streets at night but on the rare occasions that I do I like knowing that I have something on my person that can help me avoid being the recipient of a violent physical altercation. Pepper spray is about as safe a weapon of self-defense as one can find without getting into the realm of lethal weapons like firearms or Mel Gibson.

One of the wonderful benefits of pepper spray is that it is a form of self-defense that is non-lethal. On very rare occasions there have been fatalities as a result of being sprayed with defensive sprays but I assure you they are extremely rare and an immensely higher number of individuals have lost their life as a result of firearms. In the vast majority of cases someone that is sprayed with pepper spray is left with no permanent side effects other than the memory of how badly the defensive spray burnt and the wish to never again experience anything like it.

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, although there are some restrictions as to where and from whom one can purchase pepper spray. It is lightweight and canisters of defensive spray vary in size but can be found in sizes small enough to easily fit in the front pocket of your favorite jeans. Which is exactly where you should have it at all times if you intend for it to be of any use to you.

You also don’t need any real special training to use a defensive spray. Point and spray is more or less the gist of it and if you can do that than you can probably avoid what would surely be one of the worst events of your life.

Pepper spray works by spraying the assailant with a liquid that is approximately 1,200 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Did you ever eat something with Tabasco sauce and then inadvertently rub your eye. It’s like putting a match out in your eye isn’t it? Now imagine something 1,200 times as hot and sprayed directly into your eyes sinuses and eventually your lungs. That’s going to put an end to the vast majority of assaults pretty darn quick. So if you want protection that is going to be effective and at the same time non-lethal please consider buying a defensive spray.

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