Carp Fishing – Corn and Vanilla Extract Will Work Wonders

Carp fishing has not caught on in the United States like it has overseas in Europe, but there are still many people that fish for carp over here. Although, I do not fish for carp regularly, I fished for carp when I was younger because the pond that was in my neighborhood was loaded with carp and catfish, but no bass. I learned a lot about fishing for carp and I even entered a local carp fishing tournament when I was a kid. The yearly carp fishing tournament was fun and I either won or finished second 4 years in a row.

All I used was sweet corn out of a can mixed with a little bit of vanilla extract. One teaspoon or tablespoon will work when mixed with a can of corn. You can also use frozen corn that comes in a bag. I didn’t use the frozen corn in tournaments, but it will work just fine and you can mix the corn in the bag that the corn comes with. If you use the canned corn, pour the vanilla extract into a sandwich bag with the corn and shake it up.

Use a small to medium sized hook, and fill the hook with corn. A short-shanked hook is preferred and 4 to 6 kernels should fill up your hook. Add enough weight to get your bait out there, set your rod down and wait. Carp love corn and they will hold onto the corn a little longer when it has a touch of vanilla added to it. This will result in more hookups. Carp can blow out your bait instantly, but it happens less often when you add the vanilla extract to the corn. If you add too much vanilla extract, you will not catch as many fish. Just use a teaspoon to a tablespoon and see how it works for you.

If you want more information on carp, take a look at our carp fishing page.

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