Catfish Bait – Details on How to Fish Chub Minnows to Catch Catfish

One of the best catfish baits that works consistently to catch blue catfish or channel catfish is a bait fish called chub minnows. There are some tips I recommend that work very well for me when I use chub minnows for my catfish bait selection.

There are a couple of way to prepare chubs to be used to catch catfish. You can either fish chubs live, as a whole dead bait drifting or trolling or as a cut bait. I have used all three methods as bait, with good success, but the most consistent method used in different water conditions has been using chubs as cutbait fished from a three way swivel fishing rig.

To make cut bait from chub minnows catch or purchase at least 2 dozen 3 inch to 6 inch chub minnows. Keep your chubs alive with cool aerated water until it is time to use them for bait. In the next step I recommend you use a fillet knife. Take the three chubs from the bait bucket and cut them into 1″ wide chunks.

If you want to drift or troll with dead chubs hook them by pushing the 5/0 hook through the mouth and up through the back. To hook your chunks of chubs catfish bait, push the barb into the chunk up the shank of the 5/0 hook. Make sure the barb is exposed. To make a three way swivel catfish bait fishing rig is very simple.

Step #1 Tie a three way swivel to your fishing line using a Palomar knot. Step #2 Tie a 8″ steel leader to the open eye opposite the eye you tied your line too. Step #3 Clip a number 5/0 hook into the leader. Step #4 Tie a Carolina fishing rig to the open eye on the three way swivel that is pointing downward.

Well this concludes our article about how to fish with chub minnows as catfish bait.

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