Coleman Hooligan 3 Review

My Coleman Hooligan Review and why I did it.

When it comes to weeks on end hunting, you will want a tent that is easy to pack yet quick to set up and will stay set up no matter what the weather. I searched for the best tent for the cheapest I could find and I always got what I paid for.

Until I found the Coleman Hooligan 3 tent, I bought tent after tent. They just didn’t last through what I was putting them into. I would backpack this tent miles into the dense woods and set it up at a campsite that I stay at every year for deer hunting. It rained for 6 days straight and no leaks! The hooligan tent will stay up the entire time I am hunting.

A few things I noticed about the tent in my extended stays inside it.

  • It is one of the easiest tents to set up I have ever owned. To set it up properly by yourself it takes about 25 minutes the first time and about 15 the second time. When it’s up, it stays up. Period.
  • The weatherproofing of this tent is unreal! It rained for 6 days while I was hunting and with the rain fly that comes with the tent I stayed dry and all my hunting gear stayed dry also. The dew in the mornings clung to the outside of the tent but nothing inside got wet.
  • Holy Stakes! There are about 17 stakes included with this tent. I don’t care how windy it is, this tent will stay up!
  • It is fairly roomy having an 8 by 7 footprint. It will sleep three people but they will be cramped. It will sleep two people and all of their gear quite well however.

Overall, I would give this tent a 9.8 out of 10. I didn’t give it a 10 because the aluminum rods that hold the tent up will bend and break eventually if you try to put them in hard ground with a lot of force. I found that if I just put them in a stake, they are super stable.

I am actually thinking about getting another Coleman Hooligan 3 tent for my wife and asking her to come camping with me. No matter how much I love this tent, the real test will come when she stays in it and that will be the real test!

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