Consider a Beagle for Your Pet Dog – The Pros and Cons

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Choose a Beagle as a Pet

Beagles may be the happiest dogs around. They constantly want to play and be active. To make sure your Beagle is happy and playful you need to have all the knowledge you can about this breed. Here’s the good news and some cautionary tips.


Beagles are happy dogs and are full of life, charming and playful.

Beagles were bred as hunters and this is when they are most happy. If possible take them out to run rabbits even if you don’t take a gun. They will normally chase the rabbit in a circle back towards you and won’t get lost.

Beagles can be lap dogs although they might be a little large for most laps.

Beagles love children, especially active ones as they enjoy running and playing.

They aren’t barkers but will warn you if something is not right.

They shed less than most other breeds but you should still brush them and occasionally bath them.

These little guys are cuter than the average dog. People will stop you when you are out for a walk with your Beagle.

If you work with the personalities of Beagles and not against them you can have a well-behaved, sweet companion.


Beagles have a terrific personality. By nature, however, they are hunters, and they use their powerful sense of smell all the time. If they smell something alluring, they are going to search for it. This means they will get out of an unfenced back yard, or will run down the street away from you, not because they are disobedient, not because they are willful, but because they are hunting dogs. You must have a fence if you have a Beagle.

Beagles want to be with their humans. They are not dogs that can be left in the back yard for hours. They need plenty of attention and will let you know if you don’t supply it.

This breed can have problems with obesity if they are not fed correctly and/or not fed the proper nutritional, no additives included, natural dog food.

If food is left out within reach of a Beagle, it will get eaten. You need to put out a measured amount that they will eat in a reasonable amount of time.

Beagles always have to be leashed when walking them in a populated area..

If you can’t stand howling, don’t get a Beagle. This is part of their hunter instincts and can be disturbing to you and neighbors. See at the end of the article. How To Stop A Beagle From Howling

Although there are a number of negatives to owning a pet Beagle, I think the positives will outweigh them. While they howl at times there are ways to help stop this. Even their stubbornness when it comes to training can be overcome. If you are the kind of person who can stick with a schedule, stick to a regimen, be patient, long-suffering, and fearless, you can be a wonderful leader for your pet Beagle.

If you are having a hard time making up your mind about a Beagle pet talk to someone who owns one. Do your investigating on the computer also. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a site where you can get more answers on the pros and cons of owning this wonderful little pet. If you or members of your family are outdoor people you won’t find a better companion to roam the woods or fields with.

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