Coyote Hunting – How to Build a Portable Predator Ladder

Predator hunting from an elevated stand can be a great advantage especially in late summer and early fall when the grass is high, the crops are up and the leaves are still on the trees. Often times this extended view will make the difference in a successful hunt.

If you’re lucky, your state hunting laws will allow hunting predators from an elevated platform. Fortunately, the state I live in, Michigan passed a law allowing predator hunting from an elevated stand during daylight hours.

Just like with deer hunting from a tree stand really has its advantages. You can make use of the same tree stands that you used for deer hunting but, often they just aren’t in the right spot for a setup.

Just think of all the clear cuts, fence edges, and thick brush you could open up if you had a way to get up off the ground, exactly when and where you need it. Well you can with a simple easy to build portable predator ladder.

A predator ladder can be constructed by using a 4 wooden step ladder. Attach the type of bucket swivel seat designed for the top of a five gallon pail and throw on some camouflage paint and you have a portable hunting platform.

With the ladder folded you can attach a leather strap to the side and you have a carry handle. Although, it’s not the lightest thing to carry it’s not unreasonably heavy.

If you want a steady shooting platform you will need at least a 5 foot collapsible shooting monopod. Next, you’ll need some type of attachment on the bottom step to rest the end of a collapsible monopod on. An eye hook screwed into the front of the bottom step works well and will allow you to set the mono pod on. This will give you a steady shooting platform and the swivel base allows a wide swing area for shooting.

A simple easy to build predator ladder is just one more tool that can be used to increase your chance of a successful predator hunt.

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