Crappie Fishing Bait – What Are the Best Baits For Crappie Fishing?

In this article I’m going to explore some of the more popular and effective baits for crappie fishing. Are these baits the only baits that can be used for crappie? Of course not, but they are some of the most effective, and one of the keys to catching these delicious fish is using the proper bait.

Crappie fishing bait comes in a variety of styles from live to synthetic. The below baits are some of your best bets to catch more fish on your next crappie fishing excursion. If you want to catch crappie, any or all of these baits should be a part of your fishing repertoire. Many anglers like to fish for crappie at night and all of these baits work quite well after the sun goes down. The time of day that you fish is up to you and the point is that any of these choices will serve you well.

  1. Marabou Jigs – Marabou jigs have furry bodies and a fluffy feathery tail. Once in the water the feather tail shrinks up and looks completely different. This seems as if it might not work, but the action created by the marabou underwater is what the crappie find intoxicating. These jigs are a very effective crappie fishing bait. Vertical; jigging over structure with these jigs can be quite effective for crappie, and if you don’t have access to a boat these jigs can be fished under a slip bobber effectively.
  2. Twister Tail Jigs – Twister tails are rigged on a small jig head and have a great underwater action. Crappie and jigs tipped with a twister tail have long been known as a great crappie fishing bait. If you use Berkley’s Power or Gulp twister tails they are much more effective. These products have been infused with fish attracting scents. Many crappie anglers say that these products even out fish live bait! The bottom line is that twister tail jigs are a wonderful and effective bait for crappie fishing.
  3. Live Minnows – Live minnows are probably the best known crappie fishing bait of all time and are very effective. As a matter of fact, if possible, you probably need look no farther than live minnows. Either of the jigs above can even be tipped with live minnows to make a deadly combination bait. If you’re fishing with live minnows alone (many times under a bobber) the most effective way to rig them is a set of #8 or #10 pre-tied gang hooks. The live minnow is simply hooked through the lips, then the second hook is allowed to “hang free” (or the second hook can be placed in the minnow’s back). Gang hooks are the best way to keep your live minnow alive.

When it comes to crappie fishing bait the above baits are probably the top 3. If not, they are most certainly in the top 5. Fishing for crappie is a ton of fun, and as I alluded to earlier, they don’t taste too bad either. As a matter of fact Crappie are easily one of the best tasting freshwater fish of all time.

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