DarkOrbit – A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Congratulations! You have decided to join thousands of other keen MMO game players and take part in the epic space odyssey that is DarkOrbit. First things first–to get anywhere in this game you are going to need money, and without a doubt the most important thing to get stuck into first is destroying as many enemies as possible to collect credits. At this stage of the game, you will be wanting to spend all that you earn on ammunition for your lasers and missiles, as you definitely do not want to be stuck without a way to defend yourself–trust me.

Another thing to keep an eye on is your “Honor” level. You’re Honor level is determined by how you treat other human players in the game, try to avoid attacking lower level players and you will avoid getting a negative honor status, and in doing so you will be able to earn more credits when trading with space stations. Another important thing to do is to get yourself some good bearings and try your best to get comfortable with the map. Try to keep in mind at all times where your home space station is, and of course build up some dexterity with the controls as this is important when it comes to PvP (Player Vs Player) in games like DarkOrbit.

Once you have sufficiently stocked up on ammunition and credits you are going to want to shift your focus to gathering a substance called uridium, which is what DarkOrbit is all about. You use uridium for all kinds of things, from everything from repairing your ship to buying items that cannot be bought with regular credits. To bring together a Clan in Dark Orbit you need to have 50,000 credits for one, so if you’re broke, no clan for your own. Having your 50,000 credits isn’t a real drawback though, its all to easy to get, thusly there will probably be other stuff to search for during the time you settle should you wish to bring together a clan or not.

If you’re a seasoned player, you really need to in all probability hold back till you find those types of clan that you’re looking for, since you already acknowledge the game well and probably wont have much to be familiar with from joining a clan in a single day. This article is more for young players though. As a fresh participant to DarkOrbit I believe its a wise idea to fall in a clan as soon as fairly easy. It doesn’t have to be a big elite clan, you probably wont get in to one of those anyways, but do try to find a clan that is active. Its really nice to hold a lot of more professional clan members to ask when there is something you cant figure out in the game.

Many clans are also don’t mind helping out novel players with credits if they want that, but don’t find their way praying for credits, that wont make you sought after and may cause you being thrown out. Being person in a clan is a real nice societal part of the game, and later in the game its a lot of fun defending other players and NPCs collectively other clan members.

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