Deer Food Plots – How To Prevent Weeds From Taking Over

Have you tried your hand at planting food for whitetail deer on your property? Did you feel as though your did everything correctly and had your food plot overrun by weeds? You're not alone. This is common issue faced by many a deer hunting enthusiast.

Controlling weeds in your deer food plots can be a very complicated issue and one which is almost impossible to deal with. There are literally hundreds of different varieties of weeds across this country and just like plants, there are annual and perennial varieties as well. This makes identifying the weed which is plaguing your food plot critical.

I remember the first time I attempted to plant a food plot. I figured "why do I even need to deal with the weeds, the forage I planted would just overgrow the weeds and kill them off." Well, I learned very quickly that the opposite is true. It was long before the weeds had taken over.

The bottom line is not controlling the weeds in your food plot is a recipe for disaster. The weeds will compete with your forage for moisture, sunlight and the nutrients in the soil.

So what options do you have to combat a weed infestation? There are some general step you can do to keep the weeds under control. Here are 3 keys to setting yourself up to win the battle of the weeds.

1. Identify the weed – There are hundreds of varieties of weeds. The only way to properly plan how to remove it from your food plot is to know what it is. Take a sample of the weed the agricultural extension agent, wildlife biologist or perhaps a farmer in your area.

2. Learn how to eliminate – This is where you develop your plan of attack. Once you identify your problem, plan an opposite crop. If you have a weed which is a grass, plant a broadleaf and vice-versa.

3. Decide on and implement your plan of attack – some of you possible options include cutting the culprit, planting something to compete with it or use chemicals to kill it. Of these options, chemicals are often the best choice. They are safe and cost effective and developed specifically for the weed which is plaguing your food plot.

You can win your battle with the weeds in your deer food plot. Identification, planning and a proper plan of attack are the keys. However, this is a very broad stroke to a very specific problem . So, is it possible to safely remove the weeds which have infiltrated your food plot?

The answer is yes. Learning the specifics of weed control in your region of the country can make all the difference. If you use the wrong method to attack these weeds you could lose your entire crop. What a waste of your time and money. Not to mention, you all but guarantee the fact that no whitetails will come through your property during hunting season.

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