Deer Hunting Secrets – The Power of Positive Thinking

Do you know it’s a scientifically known fact that when a scientist conducts an experiment, his or her attitude and beliefs about the experiment can actually affect the outcome? In other words, what they think in their minds can affect matter, which ultimately affects that matter’s interaction with its environment. Although it’s not known why this happens, scientists must conduct double-blind procedures in order to rule out this unintended bias.

What does this have to do with deer hunting? Like a scientist, you are in effect conducting an experiment each time you venture in pursuit of deer. Your idea or theory is that your skills and acquired knowledge, or even just blind luck (if you put in enough time), will allow you to see animals. So if a scientist can affect the outcome of an experiment just by thinking positively or negatively about it, then don’t you think you can do the same thing in the woods?

Study after study has shown that when you believe something to be true, you’re more likely to find it so. If when hunting you believe that each second you’re in the woods you are going to see a deer, then odds are good that this belief will come true. It’s the idea that focused energy (whether positive or negative) affects a positive or negative reaction. Is this hocus-pocus I’m talking about? Not at all. You can either deny scientific fact or you can embrace it and reach new levels of success in your deer hunting.

And consider this. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea that you can literally wish deer to walk in sight of you, then at least realize when you are positive about seeing deer you will be more focused and attentive, which allows you to literally see more deer. You’ll be more likely to notice that leg sticking out from behind a bush, or the flick of an ear through tangled brush. Get my point? And if the belief that you’re going to see an eight-point buck increases your motivation to hit the forest more often, then even better.

Finally, let’s not forget that a positive mindset creates a better experience outdoors. Deer hunting is about enjoying nature in solitude or with family and friends. If we maintain a positive attitude when we’re hunting, no matter what, how can we not find success and have a great time each day we hunt?

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