Do You Use the Fishing Tips You Get Online

Should you take all fishing tips as an absolute guide to catching fish?

I know when I read about fishing tips online I take them with a grain of salt.

I know that catching fish no matter what  species you are after takes knowledge,experience and lots of patience. The tips you find online should only be used as a general guide.

You need to take into account many factors, such as the season your fishing in, the weather, water temperature, cold fronts and many other aspects to look at before and during your fishing trip. These are important things to look at when choosing your lures or baits.

Did you know that William Shakespeare Jr. obtained the level wind tool patent in 1897.

Do you know which bait or lure to use for the species you are fishing for?

I know when I’m fishing for bass I’ll grab some crank baits, rubber grubs and rubber worms of different color and sizes. I also bring different sized jig heads and weights.

If you study the feeding fish pattern’s you’ll understand how to actually use each lure in a given situation.

Like for Bass I like to use surface lure when the water is calm or just before dark. They are also good to use in weed beds when they are snagless.

Do you care about your environment?

I always pickup after myself while on a fishing outing. I hate seeing garbage strewn every where. Just bring an extra plastic bag for the trash..

It makes me feel good to see nature and its wonder without the garbage.

Don’t forget your camera for those nature pictures and for proof for your fish stories.

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