Eagle Cuda 300 Portable Compact Fish Finder Product Review and Tips

The Eagle Cuda 300 Portable Compact Fish Finder is an easy to use and affordable locator that can provide many different types of fishermen access to the fishing locating technology that takes the guess work out of finding fish.

The Eagle Cuda 300 is an ideal depth finder for small boats, kayaks or float tubes. The suction cup mounting Skimmer transducer is easy to mount on any small watercraft. Due to its sturdy and waterproof casing this portable fish finder can be used in both freshwater and harsh saltwater environments.

With its 20 degree cone angle, the Eagle Cuda 300 offers up to 60 degrees of detection and also has a high sensitivity setting to allow you to locate more fish.

By using a fish finder the sport or recreational fisherman can concentrate on the art of catching fish rather than the time consuming task of finding them.

Mounting Tip

Whenever you are mounting any fishing gear on a kayak or float tube it is best to have a friend help. While you sit in the kayak or float tube have your friend mount the depth finder (or other accessory) on the craft. This way you can see exactly how it will be while you are out on the water and you can have your friend adjust the positioning as needed. It is also advisable to always tie down your fishing gear when fishing from a kayak or float tube. If you can’t tie it down at least attach a float to each article.

Also, always remember to wear a personal flotation device whenever you are out on the water.

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