Electric Airsoft Rifles – A Look at the Aftermath Hitman CQC AEG Rifle

The Aftermath Hitman CQC Metal AEG airsoft electric rifle is made by Aftermath. The CQC stands for close quarter combat, which this gun is utilized for and is what it excels at. This weapon is 24.2 inches in length, thus making this electric airsoft rifle great for tight quarters combat. The gun is fairly light, weighing in at 5.55 pounds, which will allow the enthusiast to carry this gun without straining their arms.

This airsoft electric rifle has a full metal body and a die cast metal RIS interface fore-grip which makes the handling very reliable during firing and when running around the battlefield. The Hitman has fully functional front and rear adjustable sights and they are removable as well.

Being able to manipulate the path of the ammunition is an important aspect of airsoft battles, and the Hitman has an adjustable hop-up which allows the shooter to control the spin and speed of the ammunition. This rifle fires the bbs at a respectable speed of 350 feet per second, not too fast, but with the close quarter functionality of this gun, any speed greater than this is not really necessary.

This electric airsoft rifle produces a medium loudness of a factor of 3 when fired. The incorporated nylon pistol grip and stock adds a smooth feel to the gun. The Hitman has a high capacity magazine which will hold 200 rounds of ammunition.

With these features that are incorporated into this airsoft rifle, it is a great gun for the beginner enthusiast and also the seasoned veteran and will provide the hobbyist with years of reliable performance.

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