English Setter – Dog Breeds

Group: Sporting

Weight: male: 60-65; female: 50-55 lbs

Height: male: about 25, female: about 24 inches


The English Setter is originally from France where they have first been bred in the 1500s by crossing the French pointer with the Spanish Pointer. Sir Edward Laverack then brought these dogs to Great Britain where he perfected them. The English Setter was developed from some of the earlier French hunting dogs during the 1800s. These dogs were not used for hunting until another hunting strain of the English Setteres was created by Llewellin. These dogs are still used as gun dogs, and also do very well as show dogs.


English Setters are very calm, easy-going and friendly dogs. They do especially well with children and are also sensitive with good manners. This breed loves affection, is enthusiastic and likes the outdoors. The can be somewhat stubborn and also difficult to housetrain. It is important to start training these dogs from early onwards to stop bad habits from forming. It is important to not treat these dogs in an unkind way. This breed will need a lot of companionship and are very fond of playing with other dogs. The English Setter has a tendency to be very loud and bark a lot if this is not addresses early on.


The English Setter should be brushed often to keep the soft, medium-length coat in a good condition. It is also imperative to make there are no tangles, and also to give them extra care when they are shedding. This breed should only be bathed or dry shampooed when it is really required. Also trim the hair on their paws and clip their nails. The English Setter is an average shedding breed.


The English Setter’s instincts do not make them a submissive receiver of instructions, and will therefore require proper training. If these dogs are not going to be used for hunting purposes, they will have to be trained so that they are good, non-destructive, and socially adapted. Training of this breed should start when they are still young to get them housetrained and used to other animals.

Health problems

English Setters are affected by a number of health issues which includes hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and congenital deafness. Most of the breed is also at risk of certain cancers and skin diseases. The majority of these ailments are inherent, and if you select your English Setter puppy cautiously from trustworthy breeders, you will reduce the risk for your dog.

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