Entropia Universe Sweating: Working in Fast Food Has Never Been So Enviable

Entropia Universe in the market of MMO’s is quite unique. Where in most MMO’s real money trade is both frowned upon and a bannable offense, Entropia is built around it. The sales pitch is really clever: come download the game for free, play for free *terms and conditions apply*, and, if you’re smart and lucky enough, make a living from playing it, even become a millionaire in real life.

However, those dreams are crushed as soon as one lands on planet Calypso, penniless on a planet set up so that each and every profession loses money by design.

Mining? profitable everywhere except here: bombs, probes and extractors will cost more than the ore. Hunting? weapons and ammunition will cost more than the loot. One would think that in distant future people would find materials that are much more durable than titanium and carbon fiber. In fact they all decay at the rate as if they were made out of dough. (Well what else? if those hand cannons were made out of glass, they would surely last much longer) In fact, if guns and ammo cost so much that hunting using rifles was unprofitable, no one ever in his right mind would use a rifle – people would set traps made out of rope and then beat the poor animal to death with wooden sticks. Yet in a world that has flying vehicles, plasma rifles and teleportation, ropes and wooden sticks are unavailable even to the richest citizens.

There’s an exception to this loss making decaying lunacy: sweating. This profession is always profitable, mostly due to the fact that sweat gathering tool has been made out of super duper reinforced self repairing carbon nanotubes and therefore doesn’t decay, unlike the rest of the tools that are made of dough. Remove repair cost of the tools and the profession suddenly becomes profitable. And what a profit! At today’s rates it is $0.20 per hour on a reasonably skilled character. A rate so pathetically miserable that chinese sweatshop workers laugh at it. A rate 30 times smaller than McDonald’s workers wages, 40 times if you count free burgers, and 50 times if you include work satisfaction of spitting on the onion rings.

So why do I sweat? Simple. Because when I applied to McDonald’s they turned me down for lack of experience. A lack of qualification too,. I did not posses an art degree which is a prerequisite to getting a job in a fast food industry. What else can I do? Back to sweat camp for me. FML.

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