Escaping North Korea || the Ambush Tactical 7.5″ AR-Pistol!

While escaping Eastern Siberia, OG made a wrong turn at Xianyang and ended up trapped in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. He was forced to rely on his skill at arms, an awesome AR pistol and his stunning good looks to get him out of deep Kimchi.

Attention YouTube Overlords: All shooting in this video was conducted by a certified police department range safety officer on a secure range.

No firearms or firearm parts are being advertised or sold in this video. No firearms are being modified, altered or dicked with in this video.

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Disclaimer: OG is a professional clown. Do not attempt any stupid activity seen in this or any other video.

The views expressed by OG or anyone on this channel do not reflect the views of his agency. In fact, they don’t agree with most of what is on this channel because they were not issued a sense of humor.

Music: “Feng Shui” by Blue Steel
“Free Agent” by Unknown


Officer Gregg
P.O. Box 7531
Visalia. CA

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