Evolution Of the Short Dot Scopes

Short Dot scopes came into being as a requirement for a low power milspec variable optic. This happened in 1993. The problem in Somalia mounted and the rogues were mixing with the civilians to get an idea about the whereabouts of US forces within the city. The US forces were using scopes with the Aimpoint technology that could not discriminate between targets. For the force that was posted for external security, this proved as a major problem.

To meet the immediate need, a new scope came into being known as a Microdot. It was a 1.5 – 4 powered optic that were ideal for civilian sport hunting. Later an US company was asked to further work on this technology and produce a more milspec 1 – 3 or 1 – 4 powered optic supported by a red dot capability. The scope was manufactured. Yet it primarily remained a sporting scope. Although the company, which was assigned this task made milspec scopes but those were mainly sporting scopes. The military rifle scopes have completely different requirements. After a couple of years more another rifle scope was introduced. it had various features but had no red dot. After being used for a certain time, it went back to the factory for further enhancements.

Several such experiments were made by companies before finally the Schmidt and Bender short dot was introduced. Although of low variable it is one of the best that you can find in the market today. You might ask why short dot scopes are important? It is mainly because of its technology. It is convenient to use as the shooter would not have to worry about eye relief or magnification While aiming he can keep both his eyes open. The target and the reticle are put on the same optical sight by the short dot scopes. Thus, it provides a single focal point, making it easy for the shooter to shoot. Short dot scopes are immensely popular with the military people.

This came into being due to requirements in the Civil War and till date it is in high demand with the army. It would not be wrong to say that the short dot scopes are, thus, designed mainly keeping the defense people in mind. But then again, these scopes have come a long way from their point of origin. Hunters who are passionate about their hobby are also opting for this kinds of scopes. It is easy to hunt down big games. Thus, if you are a long range hunter and can afford it, you will probably opt for the short dot scopes.

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