Females and the World of Archery Past and Present!

I believe most of us don’t think females being involved in archery but if we open our eyes we will see that it is more common than we thought.

It is hard to find a lot of ancient facts about females being involved in archery but we do know that there were ancient females that were involved in battle. There were warrior queens and other female warriors that were Amazons. We know so little about these brave women that were as brave as their male counterparts.

Although, in ancient times archery was mainly used for combat, today we see archery used in the sport of hunting and as a competitive sport among all ages and males and females alike.

Ann Weber Hoyt was introduced to archery at the young age of 16 at her high school where she went on to be ranked fourth by the National Archery Association in 1939 and won the National Archery Championship.

Ann Weber Hoyt was one of phenomenal female archers in history. Mrs. Hoyt won the international Field Archery Championship 1959. She was the only woman to win both the USA National Target and Field championships, according the Archery Hall of Fame. In 1972 she was among one of the first to be inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 1972. In 1984 she managed the U.S Olympic Archery Team and that same year she was awarded National Archery Association’s Thompson Medal of Honor.

Ann lost her first husband Lloyd Corby in 1948. He was also an accomplished archer. They would sometimes perform together. They once performed for a charity where Mr. Corby shot a grapefruit off the top of Ann’s head. You would have to be plenty confident to do this and have confidence in you partner!

After the loss of her first husband Lloyd, Ann remarried Earl Hoyt in 1971. They sold their business in 1978 but remained as consultants until 1991.

Another amazing young woman in the world of archery is Angela Moscarelli. She was one of the youngest, at the age of 13 to win a World Gold Medal. She set many records for her age group.

In the world of hunting and archery we are seeing females more involved and joining their partners in the sport, as well. If you surf the hunting channels on your TV you should not be surprised to see women as part of the hunting program. They are just as excited to kill that prize buck as anyone else!

We seem to be seeing an increase in our young females and the interest in archery as a sport. More schools are starting to incorporate archery as another extracurricular sport. A lot of the archery clubs are also seeing a resurgence of females wanting to be a part of the wonderful world of archery. How cool is that? It is thought that the recent movies that have depicted females as awesome archers have had a part in this new revolution, if you will! The movie, “The Hunger Games” and “Brave” seem to have created some of this renewed excitement for archery. It is thought that it is appealing to females because it is a sport that you can still feel feminine but you are able to be self sufficient and show your individuality, as well. Part of the attraction for females is that this sport rewards focus and precision over strength.

So we see that females have been a very active part of the history of archery and that we are seeing an exciting increase in the involvement of females and the wonderful world of archery. It is a very healthy sport that be a common interest shared among friends and families. If you don’t know much about the sport, check it out, I think that you will be very intrigued!

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