Finding Out The Best Hunting Knives Brand

From the earliest days of man on earth up until now, hunting knives have remained as one essential tool that we used for our survival. With the passing of time, they too have evolved in form, size, shape and purpose alongside with the changing needs of the humankind. In our modern era, each hunting knife that we see today is a direct result of hundreds of years of customizing them to fulfill our needs and satisfy our requirements.

If you check out some of the most well-known brands for pocket hunting knives, you will see that they come in varying blade shapes, blade materials and blade lengths. Such variation serves us good since certain kinds of pocket hunting knives are more suitable for a particular type of task than others.

Today, the modern hunting knives come to us in 3 basic blade shapes, namely: Drop Point, Clip Point, and lastly, the Trailing point. Each one of these design has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Has is it ever popped into your mind what could differentiate a hunting knife from a survival knife? Are they the same or do they have any difference at all?

There exists a huge difference between a hunting knife and a survival knife. These two vary from each other with respect to the tasks they are utilized in as well as in the blade size and blade shape they are in.


When it is all about accomplishing rough and difficult tasks such as breaking a glass window or if you are an outdoor person you can make use of it in chopping wood. A survival knife by your side will prove to be helpful. On the other hand, you can utilize a hunting knife can be used for the far more delicate tasks such as slaying up an animal and preparing it for your food consumption. If you are still not getting a clear picture, ponder upon this instead. Imagine what you can do and accomplish with an ax versus the possible things that you can do with a scalpel instead.

Blade Size

Each and every kind of survival tasks calls for nothing less than a strong and a large knife blade. Without which, you will have difficulty in carrying them out. Say for instance that you found yourself in a situation where you need to survive on your own like in the woods. It is possible that you will come across smaller sized animal which you can slaughter for later consumption as food. A better way to make my point here is how you would dress, say a squirrel, using an oversized Rambo style pocket knife? If you don’t have the idea of having excessive fur on your steak, you will opt to take advantage of a better knife for the job, right?

Blade Shape

It is crucial for a standard survival knife to have a sharp, pointed blade so that you can have a good chance of piercing your opponent in a fit of self-defense. While as for the hunting knives, it is necessary that they have a rounded blade shape. Such allows your pocket knife to have a smooth glide between the flesh and the animal skin.

How Good My Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge Knife Can Get

When it comes to high quality and overall blade knife strength, the Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge Knife can far exceed your best expectations. I had this fixed blade pocket knife for several months now, and I can vouch that it is indeed a very capable knife. One of the knife’s good features is the ergonomic Griv-Ex handles. The Griv-Ex handle is responsible for giving me that great comfortable feel when handling the knife, and it gives me the assurance that I can have a secure grip on it even when I have been using the knife for an extended period even in the most severe conditions.

The Voyager Vaquero Plain Edge Pocket Knife come in 2 variants, with several edge configurations and a few blade options, too. These remarkable knives will last for a long time because they are reinforced with heat treated 6061 aluminum liners.

The manufacturers of Voyager Vaquero Plain Edge asserts that this knife of mine is mainly designed to become the real “everyman” knife. True enough, I say, because I fell in love with it over time. It is lightweight, and it has a super sharp knife blade; it is rugged and comfortable to the hands and gives you a firm grip. As time passed by, I learned that this fixed blade pocket knife is indeed very dependable and ideal for use in hunting as well as other similar outdoor adventures like camping. For me and by experience, it is very useful when it comes to my usual cutting chores.

Even if we have a broad range of available choices when it comes to the best hunting knife brands, my Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge knife is capable of providing me an outstanding performance when it comes several rescue and survival applications. And I also read from another reputable blog that Voyager pocket fixed blade knives are popular in the military and police sector because of their high-quality knives. We know that when it comes to understanding the best among the survival tools, the military, and the police people are among the most reputable and trustworthy to give feedback because they know what a good cutting performance should be like without compromising the user’s safety concerns.

I was also able to try out some other knives from this Voyager series just for the sake of learning something about them, and from that learning experience, I came to realize that their collection of pocket knives are precision engineered. The manufacturers are careful enough to craft them out according to our most exacting standards.

This knife’s blade length is 5.5 inches and 4 mm thick. The overall length, though, if you are interested to know is 12 1/4-Inches. It is about 6.5 oz for its weight. If you are looking for a hunting pocket knife that will live to your best expectations, the Vaquero Plain Edge Knife is an excellent candidate for the job.

Consider Getting Yourself a Benchmade Knife 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter

When it comes to functional gears and survival tools, its size does play a significant role. I love collecting an all purpose pocket knife and one that I have in my collection is the Knife 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter from Benchmade. It is a small fixed hunting pocket knife with an overall length of only 6.32 inches, while its modified clip-point blade is about 2.67 inches only.

You can’t underestimate this pocket knife by its sheer small size alone because it is a very powerful one in the sense that it uses a CPM-S30V premium stainless steel for its blade. This steel type adds value to your money and has a proven track record of remarkable strength and durability.

When it comes to knife control and maneuvering, I don’t think that anyone will have an issue on those aspects at all with this Benchmade beauty. A full range movement will not obstruct the user in any way because of its small size. By the way, I should also let you know that the handle is made from a durable material known as Dymondwood. I have high regard for this material because it is moisture resistant.

As a seasoned pocket knife aficionado, experience tells me that when a pocket knife comes in small size, that means to say that it automatically offers you better handling options aside from the fact that they’re also durable. For this, I am vouching that this is indeed one of Benchmade Knife 1504156’s strong points. Since the knife is small enough and easy to control, with its super sharp blade right out of the box, I would I say that this knife from Benchmade is perfectly capable of skinning an animal from your hunting spree.

You may not be aware of this but the idea behind the Benchmade Knife 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter superior blade quality is the result of the collaboration among the who’s who in the pocket knife making industry namely, Ernest Emerson, Phil Wilson, and Sal Glesser. For me, considering the amount of time that I have been using my Benchmade Knife 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter, I am proud to say that I made the right decision of getting myself this knife with a blade that stays sharp longer than anyone can expect. For Benchmade pocket knife users like myself, I would say that this is a huge factor that one should consider when planning to buy a pocket knife.

As one satisfied user of this remarkable pocket knife from Benchmade, I’d say that there is not much that I don’t like about the Benchmade 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter. Other than the pocket knife itself, I also give a thumbs-up vote for its pressure fitted leather sheath, which also comes available with an integrated guard.

The handle for this knife gives you the impression that it is made from natural wood, yet from own experience, I can say that performs at least 20x times better than others. If you are keen on finding a practical pocket knife that helps you save on space because it comes in a compact size, the Benchmade Knife 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter is a good choice for you.

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