Fishing Equipment – How It Changed Over Time

Fishing began when man first set foot in water, and the tool and methods used evolved from a sharpened stick for catching fish, to fishing equipment in abundance which can be quite overwhelming for today’s fresh angler. We no longer have to use a bamboo pole, but a wide choice of open and closed spool rods and reels that are around today for standard fishing equipment.

Everyone used to head to their local bait and fishing tackle shop near the fishing waters where they sold hooks, lines, sinkers, and worms. Now, you can find superstores for the great outdoors lined with spectacular equipment. You will find a wonderful display or lures, rods and reels to choose from, even the online stores are fully stocked so it can become a bit of a challenge choosing the correct fishing equipment.

Your rod and reel will become a very important part of your equipment for a good fishing experience. A closed spool rod and reel has a spool holding the fishing line which is entirely covered by a metal or plastic cover, to protect the fishing line from all weather conditions. The disadvantage to this type is that it gets tangled and knotted, and trying to unravel it all to get it working properly can be a problem. An open spool is the more popular choice for today’s anglers for the standard as the reel is open faced, so that is smoother when reeling in your catch. Any tangles are more easily fixed with the open fishing line.

Choosing your fishing line is another important decision you will have to make. The technology in the kinds of fishing line within the last decade has improved dramatically in performance. There is a multitude of fishing lines to choose from, so you need to be concerned that it is strong enough and has enough of a weight test to manage the fish that you intend to catch. If you want to get hold of that big mouth bass, your fishing line needs to be able to stand that test, or it will the one that got away.

Bait and lures are important for your fishing equipment to put in your tackle box. You need to learn how certain lures are effective for certain types of fish when angling. You can choose from thousands which fall into two main categories, hard lures and the soft lures. Hard lures are mainly of shimmering spoon lures and replica fish lures, and crappie jigs. In soft lures, most are made of latex scented replica crawfish or worms. You can also buy the classic, crickets or worms. Having a variety of lures in your tackle box will get you ready for all types of angling so be prepared.

Fishing is so diverse and there is no shortage around the world. As a beginner or an advanced angler, there is choice fishing equipment to suit everyone at all levels.

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