Fishing For Glacial Salmon in World of Warcraft

I have started a longer term project than usual to look at fish feasts and see how profitable it is to try to manufacture them for sale to other guilds either by fishing for the ingredients yourself or playing the auction house.

First ingredient we’ll look at is Glacial salmon. The best place to fish these is in the Grizzly hills in Northrend, because they come in pools they can also be fished from a fishing skill of 1. The route I took was to start just below Zeb Halak, follow the river east to the logging camps which always had a nice amount of pools waiting for me, then follow the river all the way south to where it meets the sea at Venture bay and back up the stream that heads to Drak Tharon keep to start the circuit again. This last bit of river does have fish pools in it however they aren’t Glacial salmon pools so were ignored by me.

I fished until I had caught exactly 200 Salmon which ended up being at the 85 minute mark and roughly 3 circuits of the route described above. Alongside the salmon I had fished up 132 Pygmy suckerfish and a various assortment of crafting materials from the crates (Borean leather scraps, cobalt ore, frostweave cloth). All these non-salmon items sold for a total of 89G at auction.

Now looking at the fish themselves. I kept all mine for the fish feast experiment I will post the results of in a few weeks time. However if you wish to sell them directly you have two options.

The first one is selling them raw. These would be bought by people who are leveling their cooking skill or by people wishing to make their own fish feasts and who don’t have time to fish for themselves. On my server Glacial salmon go for 1g26 each which would make a total sale price of 252G

The other option is to utilise the power of spices to make Firecracker Salmon. This is a raid buff food that gives a nice +46 spell power and +40 stamina. The extra ingredient needed to make these is Northern spices and recently these have been plummeting in price so fast that I am now picking up batches of 100 for 15 silver per spice. So you start with a fish that is worth 1g26, you add 15 silver worth of spice and hey presto, the finished product is now worth 2g61.

This however is not as simple as it looks. The Firecracker salmon sell much more slowly than the raw Glacial Salmon. This means that if you do decide to cook your fish you’re going to have to be prepared to only post 2-3 stacks on the AH at a time to avoid flooding the market. You also need to be prepared for any AH competition which could very quickly drive down the price of this slow selling buff food.

The end result of selling the cooked version would end up at a price of 581g (firecracker salmon + mats caught – spices bought). This is over the 85 minute trip. The hourly rate would then work out as 410g/hr.

There is also a lesson to be learned about politeness that I found whilst fishing in the Grizzly hills for this. For the most part you can expect to have the entire river to yourself when fishing for these. The Salmon can be caught elsewhere and there are no fishing quests that require being in this area. However after about 30 minutes of fishing I found myself trying to land by the same pools as another character. Because he was level 80 I assumed he was after the same fish as me, either as buffs for himself or fish feasts so I resigned myself to sharing the pools with him and lowering my fish caught per hour rate. After a few minutes of this I decided to say hello and actually ask him what he was up to. It turned out he was new to fishing and was only here to raise his fishing skill. I then spent a short while explaining that if he wanted to raise his skill via pools then there were better concentrations in places like the south sea. He thanked me for my help and flew off, leaving me to once again fish the whole of the Grizzly Hills by myself. So happy endings all round.

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