Fishing For Spot Tail Bass

Fishing for Spot tail Bass in the Fall is one of the most exciting experiences an angler can have. There is nothing better than hunting for a monster bass in a tranquil flat. You can see the bass rolling like a tug boat in the harbor when they go after their prey. I have caught bass where part of their back was extended out of the water, now that is shallow fishing. Fishing for bass can be difficult and exciting, but I have some surefire tactics that will help you catch more fish.

First, bass in the flats absolutely love to chase crabs, minnows, and even shrimp. Artificial lures are my choice for flats fishing, because of the excitement this type of fishing offers. The deadliest lure in my opinion is the Johnson’s weedless gold spoon, with a root beer grub. This lure does not get hung up in the grass because of its weedless design and bass absolutely can’t resist them. The best way to catch a fish that is within view, is to cast the lure just in front of the fishes face. Most people make the mistake of throwing the lure right on the fish, which in turn spooks it. Make sure to fish this lure where there is a good amount of sunlight, because we want to use its great reflective qualities to our advantage. After the cast, jig the spoon lightly to catch the bass’s attention. If the bass does not take the bait, try a quick popping motion, by moving your rod tip from the nine o’clock position to the eleven o’clock position rapidly. If still there is no bite, try to put a small amount of shrimp on the lure, sometimes this can be a killer tactic.

Spot tail Bass are very finicky creatures and require finesse and patience to successfully boat. Despite their spooky nature these fish can be caught relatively easy if you take the proper precautions. Just make sure to not spook the fish and throw the lure in the right spot.

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